3 Major Benefits of Drinking Kava

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When you’ve had a hard day, people often need to find a way to unwind. Drinking kava is one great way to do so. Kava drinkers are benefiting from not just the social aspects of kava culture but its healing qualities as well. Whether you are heading to the local kava bar or grabbing something to go to, people have found that kava is beneficial to helping you chill out.

Aside from unwinding, kava brings people together on a level of comradery amongst each other. Kava culture embodies community. In doing so, no one should be drinking kava alone. Along with the community, kava has many aspects of benefits that make your kava experience enjoyable. Kava is good for anxiety, helps maintain focus, and works as a good sleeping aid for insomnia.

Being able to wind down is one of the many aspects of drinking kava. The team here at Kava-Bula finds we all need our moments of tranquility and do so by drinking some kava. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a daily dose of kava is beneficial for anyone looking to unwind, so let’s take a closer look at 3 major benefits the “drink of nature’s wisdom” has to offer.

Reason #1 Kava is Good for Anxiety

The stressors of life can directly correlate to anxiety. Work, school, and money can all contribute to stress in life. Alleviating these stressors is important to not let them take over your life and make you miserable. When it all comes crashing down it’s good to have a way to combat that inner angst.

Anxiety can really be a disruptor emotionally as well as mentally. We are faced with all kinds of factors that can trigger anxiety from day to day. It can feel overwhelming and can seriously disrupt your mental well-being. There are several ways to treat anxiety but a simple and natural way to help control those feelings of angst is by simply drinking kava.

The key ingredient in kava that enables stress relief is kavalactones. Studies have shown the effect kava has on anxiety with positive results. It also aids in a range of other ailments such as relief from inflammation and insomnia. So remember, next time you are stressing out and you start to feel that inner angst creeping in, grab a shell of kava and let those kavalactones go to work.

Within the first 30 minutes, one can start to feel a sense of relief and calm. Your once-racing thoughts can finally be slowed down to where you can be calm and collected. Heart rate and breathing are now at a slower pace giving you an all-around sense of self-control. That my friend is how kava is good for anxiety.

Reason #2: Kava Helps Maintain Focus

There are plenty of distractions out there today. Everything from scrolling social media on your phone to trying to take care of your kids at home while working remotely. It can be hard to really concentrate on a task and be present at the moment. I myself struggle from time to time trying to get something done without losing my focus.

One way you can remedy these hindrances of distraction is to drink some kava. It’s quite common to see people working remotely at kava bars for this very reason. I myself will post up to the kava bar, grab a shell and lock into getting some work done. Some of my colleagues can agree on the positive effects kava has on memory and cognition while drinking at a moderate level.

The key to utilizing kava as a means of helping you focus is to keep a set parameter of how much you drink for a certain amount of time. I find that having a 12-ounce serving per hour is perfect to get me in the right mind space. It is important that you hydrate as well. Kava will dehydrate you so just remember to drink a glass of water after every serving.

Reason #3: Kava Helps with Insomnia

Being able to get a good night’s rest will really set the tone for the day to come. Around 70 million Americans suffer from some kind of sleeping disorder or insomnia. That is 33% to 50% of the adult population losing sleep every night. The effects lack of sleep will cause for someone struggling with a sleeping disorder is disorienting and impairs daily function.

When it comes to losing sleep, the outcome can greatly cause a disruptive effect on your daily routine. The good news is that drinking kava before bedtime can help you get the rest you need. Since kava has an overall calming effect, it has sedative properties from the kavalactones that I mentioned earlier.

Consider it as a nightcap. What helps me is a shell or two of kava right after a meal. The good thing is that as long as you keep your nightly intake moderate you won’t have any groggy side effects as you would with other sleep aids. Keeping your kava intake balanced is key for helping you sleep. Also, remember to drink a glass of water as well to avoid any kind of dehydration at night.


According to Polynesian history, kava was given to humans as a gift. Turns out that it’s really a gift that keeps on giving. Though there are many reasons why kava is enjoyable to drink, we also know how we can benefit from this simple beverage in many ways. It is nice to know we can benefit socially, mentally, and physically.

We here at Kava-Bula fully benefit from drinking kava, that’s why we want to share this knowledge with anyone interested in trying kava for the first time or anyone wanting to know more about the Polynesian beverage. So if you found this insightful, remember to subscribe to our free newsletter and tell your kava drinking buddies.

We are constantly covering more articles on kava culture so be sure to check out more content on the rest of our website. Be well and drink well. Bula!


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