3 Reasons Why Kava Is Good for Anxiety

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Anxiety and Kava

Anxiety is a mental disorder that affects millions of people. It causes excessive worrying, tension, and inner turmoil among other symptoms suffering from this disorder. Believe it or not, kava is actually good for anxiety. Most of the time kava is to be enjoyed for its’ subtle euphoria and medicinal qualities but also alleviates anxiety. This is great news looking for anyone looking to calm their nerves as kava is derived from good ole mother nature herself.

Many things in life can trigger anxiety. The stresses of work, marriage, and money are just a few factors that add can cause angst in everyday life. But rest assured that kava definitely helps! It aids as a subtle cure to help you through those gut-wrenching feelings of angst from everyday life.

The team here at Kava-Bula can relate. We all have had our fair share of life challenges that trigger anxiety. That is why we enjoy our daily dose of the Polynesian beverage to calm our nerves. I personally suffer from a generalized anxiety disorder so I find that drinking kava daily helps me stay calm and collected.

Although kava gives you a nice subtle high, it also will help your anxiety for these simple 3 reasons. Kava relaxes your body, keeps you mentally focused, and helps you get a good night’s rest. Let’s take a closer look at these 3 reasons why kava is beneficial for those annoying knots in your stomach we get from time to time.

Reason 1: Kava Relaxes Your Body

The tension that arises from anxiety is hard to deal with. You start to feel the tension in your neck, you have erratic breathing, and your hands can’t stay still. It’s nerve-racking in itself to feel this loss of control. Breathing now becomes a task you actually have to think about. It can be frustrating but drinking a shell of kava will help.

Kava contains kavalactone which makes you feel calm and relaxed. When this hits your bloodstream it will actually lower your blood pressure. Once your heart rate is lowered you will start to feel a sense of instant relief from anxiety. Now once your blood pressure is lowered your body will start to feel more relaxed and your nerves will as well. Pretty neat huh? It’s also good to know it won’t take much for the kava to take effect. All you need is 8-12 ounces to get you nice and relaxed. Oh and there is no need to rush, kava is meant to be enjoyed so take your time with it.

Reason 2: Kava Keeps You Mentally Focused

When anxiety hits you feel like your mind is racing in circles. Thoughts become fleeting and concentrating on something becomes incredibly difficult. Drinking kava helps with mental focus because as I mentioned previously, it lowers blood pressure. When my anxiety hits I find it incredibly difficult to get anything done, especially work. My game plan to alleviate this frustration is pretty simple. Drink some kava.

Kava is known for its ability to help you focus whether you are studying for your next exam or trying to meet your deadline for a work presentation. It helps you stay concentrated on one task during those anxiety-driven situations at work, school, or at home. If you work remotely from home and are also taking care of your kids, that is a lot to juggle as well.

I have a friend of mine who does such and has extreme amounts of anxiety handling the two at once. I suggested that he make a trip to the local kava bar and grab some kava to go and bring it home to help calm the tension and stay focused. Lo and behold it worked! Boom, instant zen in the workplace while taking care of the little one. It is really that simple.

Reason 3: Kava Helps with a Good Nights Rest

Studies have been made proving that kava is known to help aid in sleep. After a hard day’s work at home, work, or school the anxiety of the aftermath can leave you a bit restless. Restless to the point where you can’t wind down. Before you know it you are tossing and turning in bed. The racing thoughts are back and you simply can’t sleep.

If you had some kava prior to your day these problems might not arise as much. If you hadn’t then I suggest you take a nightcap. No alcohol, but yep you guessed it, kava.

I experience insomnia from time to time. When I am too wound up and can’t sleep it can be hell. My anxiety starts to kick into overdrive since I can wind down. The frustration leads to more anxiety and the circle of stress begins. I try to stay away from sleeping pills due to the side effects it has on me in the morning. So what I do is have my little nightcap of kava.

One 8-12 ounce serving does the trick. It doesn’t give me the side effects in the morning as sleeping pills do. I also recommend having a glass of water as well. Kava can cause dehydration so remember to drink water whenever drinking kava.


Anxiety can straight up ruin your life if left untreated but it doesn’t have to. Though there are many methods we can do to help this condition. One of the simplest and organic methods is kava. Here we have gone over three tips to help you out with the battles of life anxieties. Although kava doesn’t directly cure anxiety, it can definitely help alleviate it.

One thing to note is to remember to keep a balance of how much kava you drink in a day. You can check out another here article *here about daily kava intake. The team here at Kava-Bula likes to keep a healthy balance of our daily kava consumption. We also have our anxieties of everyday life just like everyone else but utilize kava to our benefit to help us stay calm, collected, and happy.

I hope you have found what you read helpful as well as informative. If you like what you have read remember to subscribe to our free newsletter for more content on kava culture and the benefits kava has to offer. Life is full of its stressors but it’s good to know kava helps anxiety so you can enjoy life a little more and stress a little less. Bula!


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