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Why is Kava Culture in adults 18 and over, exploding in the Sunshine State? Over 30% of adults enjoy Kava shells and Bula toasts in Florida. Here are 3 reasons Kava is growing in popularity across Florida.

Floridians are embracing the Kava Culture for 3 popular reasons. First, a variety of Kava drinks infused with delicious flavors appeal to the community. Secondly, the comfort and ease effect of Kava helps minimize social anxiety in some, reducing or eliminating the desire for alcohol. Thirdly, Kava Culture invites critical thinkers and game enthusiasts with designated nights of the week, such as billiards, corn-hole, trivia, and chess tournaments.

At Kava-Bula we encourage patrons to celebrate diversity, engage in the collective consciousness in gameplay, and feel the positive vibes from being rooted firmly in a great time, shared with friends and coworkers. Bula!

Reason 1: Kava Infused Drinks Taste Fantastic

One of the reasons why kava is becoming so popular in the sunshine state is that when a professional kavatender makes your drink it tastes amazing!

Snickers, Almond Joy and Sangria are just some satisfying combinations added to Kava to appease the most refined palates. Daily specials are crafted from popular suggestions from our patrons, adding to the social Kava experience. Micronized Kava soda has the fizziness aspect of carbonated drinks while offering euphoria without the traditional root taste. Smoothies are another scrumptious way to enjoy Kava, with fresh fruit juices and vegetables that aid in wellness and health. Strawberry, bananas and tropical fruit are blended with Kava that can turn an ordinary Wednesday into a 3-week vacation in your mouth.

Kava can be added to food recipes for a unique way to enjoy its benefits. Kava added to brownies, cookies and chocolates are a favorite way to enjoy its calmness. Serious coffee drinkers charge their Kava with select grounds, making caffeinated drinks a popular selection in Florida. From chai teas, lattes and frozen coffees, Kava produces the right effect with your preferred tastes. Whether you partake in smoothies, soda, or caffeinated beverages, there’s a variety of drinks your local Kava menu is proud to serve.

Reason 2: Curbing Social Anxiety With Kava Instead of Alcohol Is Gaining Popularity in Florida

Social situations can be tough for a lot of personalities, especially those who tend to be introverts or shy in general. Over 40 million adults in the U.S. have an anxiety disorder. We all want to engage in conversations with our friends and peers; however, for some this can prove to be an unpleasant experience.

Kava drinks aid in a relaxed and slowed vibe that helps ‘turn down the volume’ in a hurried mind, so we are engaging socially with others. Kavalactones have been proven by researchers, to significantly reduce the symptoms of anxiety, resulting in a relaxed body and mind. After a long day working, relax with your friends and Bula instead of drinking multiple alcoholic drinks to get that ‘buzz’ before social activity.

Relaxation from one kava drink begins 20-30 minutes from the first taste and a euphoric mood can continue for several hours. Kava produces a feeling of mental clarity; unlike alcohol which affects impulse control and the ability to remember things you’re saying and doing. The use of alcohol or prescription drugs to treat anxiety and other related disorders can be dangerous so why not enjoy a natural alternative?

Kava drinks ease these burdens while promoting social calmness and light-hearted mental well-being. The compounds in kava are researched continuously for safety and effectiveness in treating anxiety disorders. The mental and physical health community are researching and embracing kava for its natural benefits, aiding in various ways to treat general anxiety. Kava has also been proven to help get you to sleep if your anxiety has you awake.

There are numerous mental and physical benefits with drinking this Polynesian island root! It’s proved that daily use of kava, in women, reduces symptoms of menopause. That sounds like a fun-filled Ladies Night to me! Instead of consuming alcohol, which can lead to mental and physical consequences drink kava-kava! Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can restrict financial freedoms; these are just some of the numerous reasons why kava is becoming the preferred choice, over alcohol in Florida.

Reason 3: Game Enthusiasts, the Musically Inclined and Brainiacs Embrace Kava Culture for Their Nightly Fun Activities

Are you up for a good time? Kava establishments host local bands and fun events to bring the community together! Play card games with friends while listening to relaxing music or joining in on the band.

A plethora of Kava bars have been accused of giving a good time every night of the week with alternating activities such as Corn-Hole and Trivia challenges! Round up the girls for Ladies night 2 for 1 kava drinks are on special during the week as well. Like to play pool? Billard tournaments are a favorite at local kava establishments and offer fun prizes and gift certificates to the winners.

Every kava bar is unique in its culture and variety of social gaming to bring out the playful side of yourself while encouraging toasts and community togetherness. Bingo challenges and trivia are celebrated at kava bars and can be competitive. build a team and go, it is a great time to be had and people look forward to it throughout the year. Music enhances the calming, chill effects of kava so most kava joints have entertainment such as a live band or spinning records with local DJs. Some Kava establishments even participate in Polynesian culture with fire-blowing.

Now you know why Floridians are frequenting Kava bars for exciting nightly music and activities, along with copious amounts of creative and delicious drinks that encourage that Florida State of Mind. Let’s Chill at your local kava bar and Bula!


There you have it; everything you need to know about why kava is popular in Florida! It is quickly becoming a favorite pastime of many adults and we hope that at some point we see you in a kava establishment in the future!

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