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Getting the most out of the kava root is vital to enjoying your next bowl of kava. Many people drink their first bowl of kava and fail to enjoy it because they were not ready for its effects. Here are the 3 steps to getting the most out of the kava root.

Before anybody ever drinks their first cup or bowl of kava they should perform these 3 steps to make sure they get the best experience possible. First, always remember to drink your kava on an empty stomach. Second, kava is best enjoyed around good company such as friends. Third, you should be relaxed and comfortable when you begin to drink your kava.

Following these three steps will ensure that you and your new friends are going to get the most out of your kava root. The team here at Kava-Bula has noticed from the thousands of guests we have served that those who enjoy the kava the most are the ones who follow these 3 steps before showing up.

Let’s jump right in yeah? Here are the 3 steps to getting the most out of your kava root.

Always Remember To Drink Your Kava On An Empty Stomach

This is an easy-to-avoid one. Too many people show up to drink kava right after having eaten a huge meal. You should always drink your kava on an empty stomach or after only an extremely light meal.

The reason behind this is that often kava will mix in with your food and you will just get a bad feeling in your stomach. Because it takes longer to digest the kava you will also hardly feel any of the effects. Generally, drinking kava on a full stomach just leads to more problems and should be avoided.

When we serve our kava we often give guests some crackers or nuts. This gives them something to chew on and also helps to ease their stomach. However, we tell them that they should only have a little if they are hungry. You don’t want to ruin the kava by filling up on peanuts.

Save the eating for after you have drunk your kava. Often after meeting new friends and drinking kava you guys can go out to enjoy a local restaurant together. Kava brings the local community together you know.

If you drink kava on an empty stomach you are going to be more relaxed and enjoy the drink more. This is a major step to getting the most out of your kava root and when practiced properly it will go a long way.

Simply put, the first step to getting the most out of your kava root is to drink kava on an empty stomach.

You Should Drink Your Kava Around New or Old Freinds

Nobody should ever drink kava alone. The whole point of the cultural beverage is to bring together the local community to share stories of what happened during the week.

If you drink kava alone you are missing the whole point of the drink. From the ground up kava is designed to be a social drink and should always be enjoyed around like-minded people who are willing to tell stories or play games.

When people ask us about the traditional method of serving kava I try to relate it to their culture. Here Kava drinking was always designed to unite the local community around a central tradition; the closest thing I can think of in western culture is people going to church every week just to talk to others in the community.

Therefore in order to get the most out of your kava root, you should always enjoy it with either new or old friends. You would be amazed to learn just how friendly people are once you sit down for a bowl of kava.

As such the second step to getting the most out of your kava root is to enjoy it with either new or old friends.

You Should Be Relaxed and Comfortable Before You Enjoy Kava

This is another step that people will often miss. Many people will show up to our kava gatherings stressed and uncomfortable. This only makes the kava drinking a bad experience for everyone involved.

When you drink kava you should always be wearing comfortable clothes and in a chilled-out mindset. Kava will amplify these feelings and lead to an overall enjoyable experience.

When the team here at Kava-Bula drinks kava often people are wearing jeans and t-shirts. They show up in an incredibly relaxed mood and just want to socialize with everyone around them. This is vital to enjoying the kava experience.

If you are having a bad day then chances are you should not drink kava. This is because the kava might amplify your feelings and cause you to have an even worse day. Always self-reflect before drinking kava to get the most out of your kava root.

As such one of the best things you can do to enjoy your kava experience and get the most out of your kava root is to simply show up relaxed and comfortable. This is going to give you the best experience possible.


That’s about it to getting the most out of your kava root.

Unfortunately, people show up and are not prepared for the kava drink. This can lead to either the guest not experiencing anything or simply having a bad time. It’s always a balancing act to enjoying your kava and you should always drink this cultural beverage responsibly. Remember, when we drink kava we always say “Bula!” This translates to wishing those around you good health and fortune.


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