The 3 Things Kava Does to the Body

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If you are new to drinking kava, a common question you may have asked yourself is, what does kava do to the body? There are several things that actually occur while kava is metabolizing in your body that will affect you. Today, we are going to take a look at three key factors of how kava affects you.

The main ingredient that gives kava its relaxing qualities is called kavalactones. It affects our bodies both physically and mentally. Heart rate, concentration, and mood are three factors we will cover and how it affects us when drinking kava.

People go to kava bars for various reasons. Kava is great f you need to wind down from a stressful day or need mental clarity when working remotely. The team here at Kava-Bula find ourselves within both of these parameters for either enjoyment or to stay productive for work.

That is one of the great aspects of kava. It is fairly versatile when it comes to work, play, and everything in between. I will often go to a kava bar to do some work while drinking kava, then after I am done with work I will just sit back and relax with more kava.

So let’s take a look at these 3 factors on how kava affects us and how we benefit.

Factor #1: Heart Rate

Kava is great for relaxing because lowers your heart rate. That’s why it’s great to drink if you have had a stressful day or if you are feeling some kind of anxiety. As I had mentioned before, kavalactones are directly correlated to relaxing the body and this is due to a lower heart rate.

When you lower your heart rate you can relax more, muscle tension is lessened, and you can also think a bit more clearly. Some villages in Fiji will actually use kava to settle arguments since it has a really good calming effect.

Since kava lowers your heart rate, it generally helps with temperament. That is why Fijians will utilize kava for settling disputes within some of their villages. Imagine if the world could just settle their conflicts and differences by drinking kava. I think the world would be a better place.

Lowering heart rate also helps with sleep. This is why kava has been used to help treat insomnia. This is a double win for anyone that has hypertension and problems sleeping. When drunk in moderation, kava is the “cure that ales you”.

As you can see kava does a number of benefits for your body but what about your mind? This brings up to our next factor.

Factor #2 Concentration

If you take a look around a kava bar, one thing you will notice is people working on their laptops. That is because kava is great for concentration, focus, and productivity. I myself will post up at a kava bar to get some work done simply because it helps me concentrate.

Kava is good for concentration because it doesn’t cause any kind of cognitive impairment when drunk in moderation. There are actually studies that have shown how kava improves mental cognition and attention. The key, as I had mentioned before, is drinking kava moderately.

Some of my artist friends that drink kave really utilize the benefits of concentration when conceptualizing a new piece or working on a painting. It can really aid the creative process and make their whole project a wonderful experience. You could just about do anything kind of project while drinking kava and definitely feel the difference it makes

Now, it can be easy to go over the suggested level of kava to where the effects can be a little too strong to handle and actually cause some minor impairment. If this happens don’t worry. There are several ways to prevent this from happening by lowering the strength of your kava intake.

The whole reason why kava drinkers enjoy it so much is because it makes you happy in a sense. This brings us to our last factor in what kava does to the body.

Factor #3: Mood

Plain and simple, kava elevates your mood. You will notice this at a kava bar. The energy is mostly upbeat, positive, and enjoyable. The community of kava drinkers embody this ethos as it was adapted from the original kava community, the Polynesians.

You can find that drinking kava can really enhance any experience you enjoy doing. I love to surf and enjoy kava before I paddle out. I will have a shell about 20 minutes prior. I find that it really sets the tone for an enjoyable experience for me out on the waves.

Reasons that kava can put you in a really good mood is when it metabolizes in the body, the kavalactones relax both your mind and body. Remember how I mentioned earlier how it lowers your heart rate? Your body is at a more relaxed state thus enabling those feel-good vibes.

Anything that you enjoy doing is always better with your friends. So this also benefits your mood if you are drinking kava and surrounded by good company. I find that most kava bars are great for meeting new friends or networking since everyone is on the same level of positivity.

I cannot state that kava is the root of all happiness however, it sure does help to enjoy life a little bit more.


Well folks, there you have it. Heart rate, concentration, and mood are three factors we covered on what kava does to your body and how. Although there are more reasons one could find, these three will give you a pretty good idea to start out with.

The team here at Kava-Bula embraces these benefits as we all love drinking kava and the community it surrounds. Knowledge is power, so hopefully this article gave some powerful insight for you.

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Until next time, be well and drink well my friends. Bula!


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