3 Types of Music to Listen to While Drinking Kava

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While traveling around the United States to different kava bars the team here at Kava-Bula have noticed a wide range of music being played at these establishments. Out of the several genres here are by far the best types of music to listen to while drinking kava.

Out of the different types of genres that people listen to while drinking kava here is by far our top 3 favorites. First, soft classic rock of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Second, modern synth retro disco is always an amazing combination. Third, lo-fi hip hop and classical end up setting an amazing mood.

Normally rap and hip hop do not mesh well with the relaxing feeling of kava. We have been to some kava bars around the south-eastern U.S that made it work but generally, it comes off as being forced and hurts the mellow mood. However, it is important to remember that this is just the preference of the team here at Kava-Bula and not everyone.

Let’s jump right in ya! Here are the top 3 types of music to listen to while drinking kava.

Low Volume Classic Rock of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s

Without a doubt some of the best music to listen to while drinking kava is going to be the soft classic rock of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. This is not Led Zepplin or Aerosmith but rather is more of Pink Floyd, Hall and Oats, or Nirvana.

Kava is going to mellow you out and often you don’t want to pair the drink with hard rock or metal as for most people this is not relaxing. However, if you take it a step down and go for the classical or alternative rock of the 70’s-90’s then you can get a great paring as most of this music is subliminal and chill.

The trick to this however is to create an atmosphere of relaxation. Some of the best picks for artists in this category are going to be Hall and Oats, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Collective Soul, and parts of Michael Jackson. Each of these artists creates an amazing atmosphere for people to chill and talk while also listening to some interesting music.

The best type of kava bar to use this type of music is one that had the atmosphere of a city-pop environment. Sleek chairs, kava cocktails, a refined bar, and modern art will pair great with any of these artists and you can really go wild with the combinations.

As such this is the first type of music that pairs well with drinking kava. I have found some amazing musical artists just by chilling with some friends, drinking kava, and listening to old recommendations.

Modern Retro Synth and Disco Is a Unique and Good Combination

This is an extremely unique combination that actually works out well. However, it takes some patience to find good artists that can be paired well. Here we are going to be listening to the new genera of retro synth and disco.

Retro synth and disco combine the best of the 70’s disco era along with the best of the 80’s synth era while combining modern hip hop to create an incredibly unique sound. It is hard to explain this genera of music so it’s best if you just check it out yourself.

Some artists I would put in this genera are Daft Punk’s latest album Random Access Memories and Kavinsky’s Zenith. This type of music makes people take notice while also being relaxing in nature. The trick to finding new artists is to look for soft-sounding drums with a keyboard thrown over them. It takes time but once you find the right sound it’s pretty easy.

The best type of kava bar to use this music is one that has an industrial setting. These are kava bars with exposed piping in the roof, dim lights, and large comfy chairs. One bar we went to in New York had this combination and was one of the most unique kava establishments we have been in.

The trick to getting this genre of music right for kava is to place it on a lower audio setting. You don’t want people to be actively listening to it but rather have it in the background playing, it will create an amazing mood.

Lo-Fi Hip Hop or Classical Set’s an Amazing Mood

This genre of music is absolutely perfect for pairing with kava drinking. It remains one of my personal favorites, especially lo-fi hip hop.

I recently was introduced to lo-fi hip hop after visiting a kava bar in Miami, Florida. It was playing a mellow type of instrumental hip hop beats that fit perfectly with kava drinking. Ever since then lo-fi hip hop has been a staple of my kava listening soundtrack.

Some of the best artists to listen to in this genre while drinking kava is going to be Nujabes and Potsu. Both of these artists are great combinations for drinking kava.

For classical music, it is a great choice but hard to not make the kava drinking feel like an elevator. It is best in this genre to mix piano covers in to your kava drinking session to make it feel more human and less of just an organized event.

However, both of these genres can be used to fit a great kava bar. Most of the time when visiting kava bars around the U.S the music theme is set on classical so it’s a bit hard to mess up but I would suggest they venture out into lo-fi hip hop.


That’s about it to the best types of music to listen to while drinking kava.

As always it is important to remember that these are just our picks from traveling around the United States and helping to set up kava bars. Most of the time the harder music such as rap or rock just does not fit with the kava experience but it might work for you.



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