Does Kava Make You Itchy?

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As the going says, “Take the good with the bad.” This applies to drinking kava as well. Although there are many benefits to drinking kava, there are some side effects you may experience. As a side effect, one could ask does kava make you itchy? In some cases yes, it can. But let us not fret because this is one of the minor effects that can be remedied.

Getting itchy can be an unfortunate side effect of drinking kava. Don’t let that stop you from drinking that kava you love. For those who are affected by this side effect monitoring the amount you drink, ensuring proper preparation, and avoiding mixing kava with other substances will help prevent you from feeling itchy.

Everyone here at Kava-Bula enjoys our daily intake of kava. Although none of us had experienced itchiness from drinking kava. We do sometimes notice other kava drinkers that have some moderate itchy reactions. And for those that we see, this article is dedicated to them.

Ok, so we have some side effects to go over. So let’s jump into it. Here are three tips to be aware of to help you avoid the itchy side effects that kava may have on you.

Tip 1: Monitor the Amount of Kava You Drink

Whether you are new to drinking kava or have been drinking it for years, the amount you drink dictates several factors. Specific to our topic in this article the amount you drink and how often can contribute to the side effect of being itchy.

The recommended daily dose of 60–250 mg of kavalactones. The key here folks is to space out the time with how much you drink. This can affect your motor skills to a degree but how much and how often may trigger side effects of itchiness.

It is fairly easy to go over the recommended limit. I, myself will do this at times, especially if I am with my group of kava drinking buddies. Everyone is different in how they react to kava. Some can knock back 8-10 shells in a sitting with no issues. While some of my other friends cap it off after 4 shells due to some of the side effects such as itchy sensations. This is why it is important to know how much you drink.

A way to monitor your kava intake is to simply drink water. This essentially reduces its strength and concentration in the body. Kava will dehydrate you, so it is really important that you stay hydrated. I like to keep a hydro flask with me to keep my pace and avoid any dehydration issues.

Monitoring how much kava you drink is a valuable asset to avoid any itchiness that may arise but let’s take a look at how the preparation for extracting kava can also cause a side effect of itchiness.

Tip 2: Ensuring Proper Preparation

Producing kava is a process that is pretty simple for the most part. After the kava has been harvested, the root is dried and then turned into a powder. The powder is then strained with water to produce a certain concentration. Green kava has a slightly different process and could contribute to some itchiness.

If the preparation is off, this can cause itchy side effects. Kava production isn’t heavily regulated and may vary for every kava bar. The quality of the kava is also detrimental to any adverse side effects that may occur as well.

Essentially quality control in the production of kava is very important. Improper preparation methods can lead to adverse side effects such as itchiness. This is important for kava bars to follow certain guidelines with their products to ensure the quality of the kava they are serving to their patrons.

Most established kava bars have strict guidelines for kava production and are pretty transparent about production. When in doubt just ask the bartenders about itchiness you may experience. In most cases, bartenders will have information about the strain from the root they use. They can also inform you if they have had other customers have similar side effects.

The more you know and understand, the better you can avoid certain kava strains that may trigger itchiness. Mixing batches can also be a culprit to trigger a reaction which brings us to our last tip to follow.

Tip 3: Avoid Mixing Kava with Other Substances

Mixing things with kava is pretty common. Kava on its own isn’t the best tasting so kava bars will mix everything from creamers to syrups, fruits, and even peppers. I just had a mango-habanero kava it was excellent. But when referring to mixing kava with other substances, this correlates more with prescribed medications, supplements, over-the-counter medications, and alcohol.

Substances when mixed with kava can have some adverse effects. For example, one substance you shouldn’t mix is alcohol. Though this doesn’t exactly correlate to itchiness, it does do a number on your liver. But say that you are prescribed a medication that may have already itchiness as a side effect. Although the medication alone hasn’t triggered a reaction, combining the two could trigger the side effect.

If you do experience itchiness when you are drinking kava and you are on prescribed medication, it could be a good possibility that mixing the two exacerbated a reaction to make you experience itchiness. Depending on the severity, always consult your doctor or physician about your symptoms.

Although this article is intended to be informative, the team here at Kava-Bula are not medical professionals. Always seek medical attention if you happen to experience a severe reaction.


Ok, we covered our bases on some tips for knowing what can cause itchiness when you drink kava. Monitoring your intake, ensuring that your kava is prepared correctly, and avoiding mixing kava with substances are three helpful tips that will ensure awareness and possible avoidance of feeling itchy when drinking kava.

Drinking kava should be an enjoyable experience. Like everything in life, there are certain parameters to stay within for a healthy rhythm. The team here at Kava-Bula does our best to monitor some of the issues and side effects that happen when drinking kava.

What we research and learn we share with you, our audience. We want to ensure that your kava experience remains stellar regardless of the itchy side effects that can happen for some people. For every problem, there is a solution!

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All is well, right here, right now.



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