Adding Bananas To Kava: How To Do It

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One of the best flavors you can add to kava is a banana. This is because the flavor of bananas pairs perfectly with kava in more ways than one. There are several ways that you can add the banana flavor to kava; below are a couple of them.

I highly recommend adding a banana to your next kava shell with one of these 3 methods. First, you can always mash up the banana and add it to the kava shell itself. Second, chasing your next kava shell with a banana is a great idea. Third, zesting the banana peel into the drink is a hidden secret.

The team here at Kava-Bula add banana to our kava all the time. It really captures the island flare of the kava and helps ease people into the kava taste.

Let’s jump right in ya; here is everything you need to know about adding bananas to kava.

Mash up the Banana and Add It to the Kava

One of the easiest ways to add banana to your kava is to simply mash it up and add it in. When done properly this will add a great flavor that really adds to the whole kava experience.

The trick however is to make sure you add just a tiny bit of banana mash and let it sit in the refrigerator for a while. The reason for this is because it the banana will slowly begin to mix with the kava and create an astonishingly good flavor.

The ratio of banana to kava for my drinks is about one 1/4-inch banana slice per every 12 oz of kava. This gives just enough flavor to make the banana stand out while also preserving the kava’s natural flavor.

I normally let the banana water sit for about an hour before I take the banana out. This is because not many people want to eat a soggy banana at the bottom of a kava shell.

Once you got the banana out pour a shell and see if you like it. When done properly you will notice that your kava tastes just like a banana/kava smoothie.

Chasing the Kava Shell With a Banana Slice Is Amazing

This is another way you can add bananas to your next kava drink. Here you are chasing the kava with a couple of banana slices.

This is traditionally how people add fruit to their kava. You pour a kava shell, say bula, and then throw it back. Right after drinking the kava you will eat a couple of banana slices.

This might sound weird but in reality it is a great combination. Most people like the initial taste of kava but do not like the aftertaste. Chasing the kava with a banana is a perfect way to eliminate that awful aftertaste.

On top of this most of the time people find that a banana actually helps settle their stomach if they have a bad reaction to the kava. Bananas are perfect for this and they taste great.

The best way to add a banana to a kava drink as a chaser is to make it a garnish on the rim of the glass/shell. Here all you want to do is cut a 1/4-inch slice of banana and push it onto the rim of the shell. Not only is it a great combination but also the banana garnish makes the shell look great.

Zesting the Banana Peel Is a Hidden Kava Trick

Here is a hidden trick for mixing a banana and kava shell together. Here you are going to zest the banana peel into the kava directly. This will give a bitter and sweet banana aftertaste which pairs perfectly with kava.

Zesting is when you take a small grater and rub it against the skin of a fruit. When done properly it should make a small pile of flakes that has a deeper flavor than the fruit itself. Many people do this with kiwis and limes but a banana is perfect for kava.

The reason that bananas are perfect for zesting into kava is because the peel itself has a sour and sweet banana flavor that is hard to explain. This flavor matches the kava perfectly as it is just bitter enough to stand out against the kava but also has an incredibly sweet aftertaste.

When done correctly you will get a much deeper kava flavor that has an amazing sweet banana aftertaste. On top of this the banana flavor feels more natural and deeper. It is hard to explain perfectly but this is an old hidden kava trick from the islands. Give it a try when you get around to it ya.


That’s about it when it comes to adding bananas to kava. Bananas are an amazing flavor additive that tastes perfect with kava. On top of this, it matches the island flair of kava along with the natural earthy flavor.

As always remember that kava is a traditional drink that is supposed to unite your local community. This is why whenever we drink kava we say ‘bula’ which translates to wishing your local community good health and fortune. As such bula to you!


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