Can Kava Make You Happy? (Answered Here)

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A common pursuit everyone in life can relate to is the pursuit of happiness. Money, relationships, or material objects are some things in life that can affect one’s happiness. One simple pleasure in life that can make you happy is drinking kava. Kava is a mood elevator, so it’s pretty normal for people seeking happy times to meet up at the kava bar for a shell or two.

Kava contains kavalactones and flavakavains which are directly correlated to muscle relaxation and helps alleviate anxiety. The effect this has on the human body can be described as euphoric. Kava can definitely make you happy during the time in which you are consuming it. The vibe can be shared with others that are drinking around you to create a very happy sense of being.

There are a few things to follow to ensure that your kava experience does in fact make you happy and not the other way around. Drinking moderately, pairing it with some hobbies you enjoy, and drinking with your friends are 3 ways to defiantly enjoy some happiness with your kava drinking experience.

The constant rhythm of day-to-day life can be mundane. We all search for something to get our minds off of reality. One way to unwind and find a “happy place” is by drinking kava. All of us here at Kava-Bula love finding our happy place one shell at a time. The key to finding this happy place is maintaining a healthy balance.

Happiness cannot simply be found by drinking kava. Maybe in another dimension, you could but unfortunately not in this one. So let’s take a closer look at some of these guidelines to find your happy kava place.

Tip #1: Drink Kava Moderately

To be realistic, drinking kava won’t solely make you happy in life. It takes a number of different factors in life to find this happiness we are all chasing after. Kava, however, can be one to help you achieve this goal. Just remember too much of one thing can turn into a bad thing.

The reason why you should moderate how much kava you are drinking is that kava can dehydrate you. Dehydration will affect you negatively both mentally and physically. I recommend for every 8-12 ounces you drink, drink 8-16 ounces of water to avoid any kind of dehydration.

A reusable water bottle or water flask works great for staying hydrated. Along with staying hydrated, keep a moderate pace of how much you drink in a time period. Kava is not a beverage that is meant to be consumed in large amounts during a short amount of time. Doing so could be harmful to your liver.

Pace yourself when drinking kava by staying hydrated as well as drinking at a moderate pace. Not only will you be feeling those happy vibes, but your body will also be happy with you as well.

Tip #2: Enjoy Kava with Your Hobbies

Doing something you enjoy such as a hobby will always create happiness in your life. It is our way to really disassociate from the mundane and really become present in whatever it is you really enjoy doing. Whether you enjoy painting, playing frisbee with your dog, or paddling out and going surfing, adding kava into the mix can really make you a happy camper.

As I had mentioned previously, there is a good way to go about adding kava to your hobbies as long as you keep a balance. If you plan to drink some kava when doing something that involves something sports-related just be sure to keep it moderate so it won’t cause any kind of impairment.

If you enjoy surfing like I do, having a little kava before, during, or after your session really enhances your experience surfing. I not only find my happiness out on the waves, kava really helps me be focused and relaxed out on the ocean. Some of my surfing buddies will also have some kava pre and post-surf sessions and are absolute happy campers.

If you enjoy a hobby such as art you can find that drinking kava really can help you focus. Kava is great for improving cognitive function, concentration, and staying focused. Losing yourself working on a painting is true bliss. Whenever I paint I feel as though I can really step into another realm and translate that onto canvas.

Kava really helps me with the creative process and I would highly suggest it to any artist out there looking for enhancing their creative outlet.

Tip #3: Drink Kava with your Friends

Anything that can be enjoyed is always better when sharing that experiences with friends. This translates pretty well with kava. Happy times will be had once you start feeling that nice vibe you get from drinking kava along with your friends.

It is magnetic how friends really make one feel pretty happy when they feel happy. It is a synergy that feeds off of each other. Adding some live music to the mix just only makes for a good time a great time. So why not throw some kava in the mix?

I had a colleague mention to me that she and some of her friends met up for a live concert in a park. They decided to take some kava with them as well. It really set the tone for all of them as they enjoyed the music, each other’s company, and the good energy they shared with one another. Happy times were had indeed.


Well there you have it, kava really does make you happy in a sense when you pair it up with other things that you enjoy in life. These were just three tips you can use as examples of how the South Pacific Island beverage will contribute to life’s happiness.

So we can see how kava can be used as a platform for happy times. Along with living a healthy lifestyle, having creative outlets, and hanging out with friends to share your experiences with really does open doors to happiness.

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