Does Kava Make you tired the next day?

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We have all been there. After one or two shells of kava you start to get sleepy and decide to head to bead. You wake up the next day and are exhausted. Does kava make you tired the next day? Well here is the answer.

Generally speaking, no kava does not directly make you tired the next day. Most people get great sleep after drinking a shell of kava but sometimes they drink too much and the kava is still in their system the next morning. On top of this, they are usually dehydrated from the kava which adds to the sluggishness of the next morning.

Kava inherently does not make people tired. Instead, it makes them feel relaxed and this leads to them being slow or sleepy. The team here at Kava-Bula always make sure to keep a nice pillow on hand in case of a quick nap after a long day of serving kava.

Let’s jump in ya; here is the answer to the question of whether or not kava makes you tired the next day.

Kava Making People Sleepy Right After They Drink It

Directly right after a person is done drinking their shell of kava often they will become extremely relaxed and tired.

This is not because kava puts people to sleep but rather it causes relaxation which often leads to people becoming tired. It is important to note that people do not become tired from the kava directly, rather they get tired after drinking it and finally being able to relax after a hard day.

Normally when the team and I travel around the United States helping to open kava bars we encourage owners to place some comfortable chairs in their buildings. This encourages people to relax and take it easy while drinking their kava and socializing.

The tired effects of kava usually subside in about 20-50 minutes after drinking it. After this people become more active and start to go about their day. However, if they are drinking kava at the end of the day sometimes they will simply go to bed right after. This gives the illusion to many people that kava causes sleepiness when in reality it does not.

Kava simply relaxes and mellows people out. I would relate it to a hot tea that someone would take right before bed. The drink mellows people out and because of that, they tend to become tired.

Kava Making People Tired The Next Day

So you drank kava the night before and you wake up feeling beat up/tired the next day. Well, there is a reason for this.

Kava is a diuretic that will cause you to become dehydrated if not prevented. A 2008 study undertaken by the Journal of Environmental and Science Health found that kava behaves the same as coffee in that it dehydrates people as they drink it.

If you drink a lot of kava and then go to bed without hydrating yourself you will more than likely wake up dehydrated. A common sign of dehydration is fatigue in the body along with a general lack of energy. Many people describe this as being tired or having a ‘kava hangover.’

This is why when we serve kava to people on the islands we always give them a glass of water to drink right after. We want you to like the kava experience ya know, not become dehydrated. The guys here at Kava-Bula know what it’s like to be dehydrated; it’s not fun and we don’t want you to be that way after drinking kava. Drink your water.

The problem of being tired the next day after drinking kava becomes even larger if you drink a bunch of kava and then go straight to bed. You might wake up with kava still in your system which would cause you to feel tired as well.

How to Not Be Tired After Drinking Kava

There are a couple of tricks you can do to not be tired after drinking kava. These are great if you are out with a group of people and don’t want to bring the party down because you are starting to get sleepy.

The first way to prevent yourself from getting tired from kava is to simply drink some coffee while also drinking the kava. This is an old trick and it works perfectly if you know the ratio. I normally will drink an entire shell of kava and then pair a small coffee to sip on right after.

This combination will keep you going for several hours and will give you the energy of the coffee while also giving you the relaxing feeling of the kava. In many ways this is the perfect combination.

Another trick is to get up and walk around after drinking your kava. Most people start to get lethargic and then sit down. This leads people to think they are getting sleepy when in reality they are just relaxing too much. The best thing you could do is to get up and go for a quick walk around.

There are other ways to avoid getting sleepy while drinking kava. These can be to play board games or maybe even a game of pool if the kava bar has it.


That’s about it concerning the question of whether or not kava makes you tired the next day. In reality, it does not but people who don’t drink water often find themselves being tired the day after a kava session.

Always remember to hydrate! Bula!


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