How to Properly Portion Out Kava for Large Gatherings

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One of the hardest things about planning out a large kava drinking party is finding out the best ratio of kava to the number of guests. If you get this wrong then you will either have too much kava or worse run out in the middle of the party. Don’t sweat it however because I got the perfect ratio that we have been using for years to plan everything from 10-person kava parties to 500 massive kava gatherings.

When you are planning out your large kava gathering you should follow these 3 steps to properly portioning out the kava you will need to keep the party going. First, take account of just how many people you are going to be serving kava to. Second, figure out the tolerance of your guests by asking if it is their first time drinking kava. Third, follow the golden kava ratio of kava to guests that we provide.

The team here at Kava-Bula has been throwing large kava parties ever since they were little. We pride ourselves on helping others to provide the absolute best kava information on the web. By following this guide you will always have enough kava on hand to satisify any size group without wasting any!

Let’s jump right in ya; here is how you properly portion out kava for large gatherings.

The Kava To Guest Golden Ratio

When you are planning out the amount of kava you will need for an event or large gathering you should follow the kava golden ratio rule. This rule will ensure that you are set up to have 1 kava shell per person. If you intend on allowing guests to drink multiple kava shells then simply need to multiply the following equation by the number of shells.

Kava Golden Rule Equation:

For every 60 kava drinkers you are serving prepare about 4 lbs. of kava powder in about 8 gallons of water. This will give everyone about one shell/drink of kava assuming there are no heavy kava drinkers on hand. This means that for every 10 guests at your gathering you will need about .5lbs of kava powder and one gallon of water.

It is important to remember that his ratio will get each guest about one drink and will last about 20 minutes if you are serving 60 guests. If you think that there will be guests who want more kava then simply adjust the ratio.

Below are the steps that you should take to get this equation as finetuned as possible. I always go a little over on the amount of kava prepared just to be safe; leftover kava just means more for us which is never a bad thing.

Step 1: Take Account of How Many People You Are Serving

The first step to properly portioning out kava for large parties or gatherings is to first figure out how many people you are going to be serving kava to.

You would be surprised how many people skip this step and just guess. When we show up to an event we always have a range of guests that we will be serving. This allows us to begin the process of portioning out the kava properly.

During this process also gauge if the kava is expected to last a while. Often when we plan to serve kava to a large group of people we will bring additives to change the flavor of the kava.

Not everyone likes the flavor of kava. When you are getting a feel for how many people are going to be showing up to your kava gathering make sure you figure out what everyone’s flavors are. Adding a small additive flavor to the kava shell will only have people enjoy their kava even more.

Step 2: Figure Out the Tolerance of Your Guests and if They Have Tried Kava Before

This is another vital step to making sure that you portion out the kava properly. Often we kava drinkers make the mistake of thinking that everyone will enjoy kava equally; this is not the case.

If you have a bunch of people showing up for your kava gathering that have never tried kava before then chances are a bunch of them won’t like the regular flavor of kava. This is because kava is a root that many people describe as tasting weird. For a quick rundown on what kava tastes like we gathered up the top 3 responses to the question “what does kava taste like” and wrote about them here.

For additive flavors you can bring orange juice, apple juice, chamomile tea, and coffee creamer. These additive flavors are pretty easy to get at your local grocery store and will ensure that you can make custom drinks for the guests at your gathering. When we plan out a large kava gathering we will normally bring these along.

Regarding tolerance, ask around to see how many times within the past month your guests have tried kava. Normal kava drinkers will build up a tolerance fast and as such you will have to prepare a little bit more kava for these people. Throw in another tablespoon into their cup while you stir it.

Step 3: Stick To The Kava Golden Ratio Per Guest

Lots of people mess this step up. Trust me you do not want to make kava that is either too weak or too strong. The golden ratio will ensure that your guests are good to go and can relax the entire night.

Remember that for every 60 guests you will be serving to mix a kava mixture of around 4 lbs of kava powder in about 8 gallons of water. This will give you around one 12 oz cup of kava per guest with a bunch left over for seconds!

However, the important part is to keep the ratio of kava to water consistent. When you are preparing kava make sure you mix about .5 lbs of kava powder for every gallon of water you will need. One gallon of kava will serve about 10 to 14 guests depending on if you serve 6,8, or 12 oz drinks.

If you stick to the kava golden ratio then you can rest easy knowing you will have more than enough kava for everyone. Further, with this ratio will you will a little leftover for seconds if people want some more.


That’s about it to preparing the just right amount of kava for your next gathering.

Remember, kava is a traditional beverage that is designed to unite people from all over into sharing life’s events and stories. The team here at Kava-Bula always say ‘Bula!’ before we drink kava. This word translates to wishing fortune and good health to everyone else around you. So Bula to you!


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