Is Kava Good for Surfing?

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When we think of one of the most incredible sports/activities that combines the skill of endurance, balance, artistry, and the ocean we think of surfing. Like Kava, surfing shares its’ ancestry from Polynesian roots and can be enjoyed before, during, and after your day out on the waves. It would come as no surprise if the early Polynesian pioneers of surfing enjoyed some kava before they paddled out. So one can ask, is Kava good for surfing?

Absolutely. Kava is known for its relaxing qualities without causing any kind of serious impairment when consumed at the suggested amount and actually helps with concentration so it makes sense that enjoying kava during a surf session can be a great experience. Let us take a look at some reasons why kava is actually great for surfing and how you can enjoy your kava surfing experience to the fullest.

There are many reasons why kava is great for surfing but let’s go over just 3 of the reasons why kava is good for surfing. The first reason is that kava is great for concentration. Second is that kava actually lowers blood pressure enabling you to feel more relaxed on your surfboard. The third and last reason is that key phytochemicals in kava have anti-inflammatory effects which are great post surf sessions.

So looking at these 3 reasons why kava is actually great for surfing only encourages adding kava to your surfing regimen. A handful of the staff here at Kava-Bula have made kava surfing sessions a ritual. What is better than being out there in the sun, catching some waves with your buddies, and vibing on that kava high we all love? So let’s take a closer look into these three reasons why having kava before, during, or after you surf is actually beneficial to your surfing experience.

Reason 1: Kava Is Good for Concentration

The first reason why Kava is good for surfing is because it aids in concentration. There are plenty of distractions today in the digital age. We find ourselves plummeting in the realms of social media, materialism, and self-deprecating consumerism. I personally find myself getting self-lost in the haze of everyday life from time to time and getting distracted from what really matters, being present. Surfing is a great way to unplug from the world and be present with ones self as well as nature.

Since kava can enhance the body’s ability to concentrate, it would only make sense to start your surf session off with some kava to really tune into your sets of waves. Kava will definitely get you dialed in for catching waves and also help you become more present with the ocean. Since kava can also give you a bit of euphoria what better way to enhance those vibes while also catching a wave?

Although it is known that kava can dehydrate you, it would be wise to have some water on hand to prevent becoming dehydrated. I would suggest for every 8-12 ounces of kava consumed you drink 16-32 ounces of water. Water won’t dilute the effects of the kava you drink but drinking water will counter any kind of dehydration issue that kava can have. It’s always wise to stay hydrated while out in the sun as well as doing any kind of sport so be sure to bring a good amount with you. I suggest a 64-ounce water bottle with any surfing adventure.

Reason 2: Kava Lowers Blood Pressure

Studies have shown that the effect of kava can actually lower your blood pressure. So when you are ready to take on bigger surf and need something to calm those nerves, kava has got you covered. There is no denying that paddling out in big surf is both exciting and terrifying but the reward outweighs the risk.

Now, finding the right amount of kava to get you calm and collected takes some fine-tuning. Overconsumption of kava may cause dizziness actually impairing your balance, so like anything in life, find a happy medium. I find that a 12 oz shell of kava 30-45 minutes before paddling out gets me right where I want to be. I feel relaxed but not overstimulated or impaired.

There are several different factors to keep in mind such as age, weight, and height. My suggestion is to start low and see how you feel regardless if you are paddling out in big surf or not. The main objective is to have fun and be present when you surf. You don’t want to go gung-ho on a kava buzz and paddle out because it could be a potential hazard so just remember to pace yourself. Oh and also as I had mentioned before. Remember to hydrate!

Simply put, one of the best reasons why kava is great for surfing is because of how mellow it can make you and reduce your stress levels/blood pressure. Bula!

Reason 3: Kava is a Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Surfing like any sport causes some strain on your muscles and joints. Although this really isn’t a problem most younger people, older people, or people that have gone through serious injuries developed inflammation in both joints and muscles. Because of this kava is amazing after surfing because it will help with those sore muscles.

Surfing all day long can be extremely uncomfortable unless you are in great physical shape. Any surfer knows that muscle aches and pains get exasperated while out on the board. Ailments such as Epsom salt baths to ice baths can alleviate inflammation for surfers. Kava on the other hand is a natural remedy to alleviate inflammation both while surfing and after.

I myself suffer from inflammation in my shoulders from a broken collar bone in the past so I find that kava has helped my ability to paddle out with significantly less discomfort and pain. The fact that kava is not only going to enhance your surfing experience mentally and physically it also aids in alleviating inflammation you can experience with surfing.


Alright, we can find many reasons why kava is good for surfing but in short, we only need to cover just 3 of our bases on why kava makes your surfing experience amazing.

As I mentioned before, your own personal experience will be different from everyone else’s so why not give it a go and try it out for yourself? If you like what you just read be sure to subscribe to the free newsletter and tell your surfing buddies. We here at Kava-Bula are constantly exploring the depths of kava culture and continue to write more content about the simple Polynesian beverage we have all come to love that has made its mark in western culture.

So next time you decide to go paddle out with your surfing buddies or just solo, rest assured that you now have 3 reasons why it’s good for your love for chasing waves.


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