Kava and Going To the Gym: Everything You Need to Know

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One of the best things about kava is the relaxation effects it gives. These effects can be used in tandem with going to the gym to get some amazing results! Here is everything you need to know about kava and going to the gym.

Kava and the gym is a great combination for 3 reasons. First, kava’s relaxation effect can help you rest after a hard day at the gym. Second, kava has been demonstrated to actually help muscles grow after weight lifting. Third, kava helps people deal with the anxiety of going to the gym itself.

There are several people here on the island who combine kava and physical activity. For centuries this was the combination of kava and surfing but nowadays people are using this root’s effects to help their recovery effects at the gym. The team here at Kava-Bula works hard to give you the best kava information on the web. Several of the guys and gals here use kava to help with gym recovery time and here is why they do it.

Let’s jump right in ya! Here is everything you need to know about kava and the gym.

Kava’s Relaxation Effect Can Help You Rest After a Hard Gym Day

Have you ever gone to the gym and worked out so hard that your entire body is sore? Well, kava can help you relax and get some needed rest to recover.

Lots of people use kava after a hard gym day in order to get to bed or simply relax at home. Kava’s relaxation effect will often cause you to destress and also help your body become more comfortable.

The team here often ends up using kava after surfing. For those who don’t know surfing is an entire body workout and much like the gym, you are exhausted after. When you get home the last thing you are often so tired that you just fall into your chair or bed and go to sleep.

Kava helps with this process. Once you know how to mix and filter kava properly you can simply make a quick grog and chill. You will be amazed to find that this drink will cause your body to stop feeling so sore and finally be able to relax.

Kava Has Been Demonstrated To Actually Help Muscles Grow After The Gym

In the 1983 issue of the Journal of Ethnopharmocology an article was published titled “Effects of Kava on Neuromuscular Transmission of Muscle Contractility” by Dr. Singh.

In 1983 only certain parts of the world used kava in a traditional manner. However, this did not stop some scientists from experimenting on the root after hearing reports of its healing powers. Dismissing these reports as legend Dr. Singh found out that kava actually helped the recovery of muscles after exercise!

The reason behind this was that kava would prolong the time it took between the muscle contractions and neuron stimulus. This increase in reaction time for muscles gave the muscles extra time to recover as it slowed down the muscle’s ability to work for a period of time.

Simply put, kava helped trick the muscle into thinking it was sleeping by slowing it down! This explains a lot about kava’s effect on relaxing people. After drinking a shell often people are more relaxed and talkative.

What this means is that kava can actually help muscles recover after a hard day working out at the gym. Simply go home and whip yourself up a shell and put on some good music and let the root do its thing!

As such kava helps with going to the gym by giving your muscles a little extra kick in their recovery time. This explains why after a hard day of surfing the guys here can simply go back out the next day. We old guys need a day or two to recover you know.

Kava Helps People With Gym Anxiety

The anxiety of going to the gym impacts a lot of people and prevents them from going. Many people think they are being stared at when they go to the gym.

This fear is often unfounded but it impacts people all the same. Kava can actually help with this fear and anxiety by making you more relaxed and ready to give it your all at the gym.

In 2015 a group of scientists did a blind study and figured out that kava helped reduce general anxiety in several patients. These anti-anxiety effects of kava can be easily applied to going to the gym.

Many people want to go to the gym but are afraid of going either by themselves or what people think of them. With kava, you can forget about this anxiety impacting your gym progress and just hit the weights.

As such one of the main ways in which kava helps with going to the gym is by reducing the anxiety that some people feel when they walk into a gym.


Kava can help in several ways with going to the gym. These simply are the top 3 ways that we here at Kava-Bula have seen.

Some people love to mix kava into their protein shakes. While I have tried that I prefer to keep both the kava and protein shakes separate but some people love it. So if you are feeling adventurous give it a go!



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