Kava Bars and Parties: 3 Reasons To Celebrate With Kava

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Looking for the next best place to have a celebration or party? Look at your local kava bar. As we speak kava bars are popping up around the United States at a record pace and unlike traditional bars, these places are great for everyday celebrations for 3 major reasons.

Kava bars make great places to host parties for 3 reasons. First, a kava bar will help guide a party through the kava ceremony. Second, kava bars normally have several different types of games that everybody can play. Third, unlike traditional bars kava makes people relaxed and encourages discussions which make for great memories.

The team here at Kava-Bula often holds everyday celebrations at our local kava bars. The other day we held a wedding celebration at a kava bar which was 10x better than a normal night out. We always encourage people to check out their local kava establishment to see if it’s a right fit for your party.

Let’s jump right in ya; here are the 3 reasons to celebrate with your party at a kava bar.

Kava Bars Make the Entire Kava Ceremony Easy

One of the main reasons why kava bars are great for parties and celebrations is because they will provide and cater to everything. We love holding parties here at Kava-Bula and provide literally everything so that you guys can relax and chill.

In reality, the only thing you need to do at a kava bar is have your group show up. Most kava bars will make arraignments ahead of time for seating, discounts on kava, and even provide some entertainment.

On top of this a kava bar will walk everyone through the kava process. The whole point of a kava bar is to provide guidance on how to enjoy the kava ceremony properly. Your ‘Kavatenders’ will pour out the kava for you, teach you how to drink it, and even guide the ceremony so that your party can have the best time possible.

Because of this a kava bar is a great place to hold a party. Just simply call ahead to schedule your party ahead of time. Depending on how large your party is the kava bar might need a while to get enough kava for everyone and provide enough seating.

Kava Bars Normally Have Several Different Types of Games to Play

Another reason why kava bars make great places to hold your next party is because of just how many games most of them have.

Unlike normal bars which might have a pool table or dart board, a kava bar will have all of that as well as some video games, board games, and even some outside games.

The reason behind this is because of the point of kava. Kava is designed as a place to allow people to relax and build a community with other like-minded people. Often the best way to do this is over a game or two that is not very competitive but rather is designed to get people to talk with each other.

This is perfect for parties and celebrations. The games are designed to unite everyone in your party and make sure that they have a great time. Compared to normal bars this is perfect as you won’t have people get super competitive.

Some of the best games we see at kava bars are pool tables and board games. Each of these can keep your party entertained for hours while also encouraging discussion and generally a good time. As such kava bars are great for gatherings and parties.

Kava Relaxes People and Encourages Discussion

This is the best reason why kava bars are great for parties. Kava by its very nature is designed to mellow people out and cause them to talk with their neighbors.

The history of kava has its roots in this practice of helping people talk with each other. Kava causes people to relax and this allows them to open up easier to both random people and old friends alike.

A traditional bar on the other hand normally causes people to break away into small groups of 3-5 people. This is hard for parties as people tend to feel excluded without lots of effort on the part of the party planner.

On top of this kava bars have a more relaxing environment. Since kava causes people to relax the chairs, decor, and atmosphere of a kava bar is often significantly more welcoming and chill when compared to a traditional bar. This means that your party will be able to sit back and relax while enjoying each other’s company.

Because of this kava bars are seeing a massive amount of parties being scheduled in their kava halls. This is a good thing as kava can be shared with lots of people. Out here on the islands we have served kava to parties of hundreds of guests at once. We simply ask that you give us a head count so we can make sure that there is enough kava to go around.

Generally speaking, one of the main reasons that kava bars make great places for parties and celebrations is because of the relaxed atmosphere. This encourages discussion and allows people to enjoy the moment.


That’s about it when it comes to the 3 reasons why kava bars are great places to celebrate.

So long as you let your local kava bar know ahead of time that you are coming with a party they will be accommodating. Kava bars are from the ground up a social experience where people can relax and talk with others; this makes great venues for parties.

As always remember to respect the kava. It is a traditional drink that has been used for thousands of years to bring communities together. When we drink kava we say ‘Bula!’ This word translates to wishing your local community and those around you good health and fortune. So Bula to you!


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