Kava on a Full Stomach: The Pros and Cons

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There are several pros and cons to drinking kava while on a full stomach. For first-time kava drinkers, we always recommend that you drink kava while on an empty stomach to see how the kava impacts you. However, there are a couple of reasons why people would want to drink kava while on a full stomach.

Generally speaking kava while on a full stomach has 3 major pros. First, the kava will take longer to reach its peak which allows you to enjoy the drink longer. Second, depending on what you ate the food can actually help make the kava stronger. Third, some types of food will help prevent people from feeling ill from drinking kava.

On top of this kava also has 2 major cons when drinking it on a full stomach. First, if your stomach is full you might throw up after drinking kava. Second, depending on the food you ate you might not experience anything from the kava which is a waste.

The team here at Kava-Bula always tries to make the kava experience as good as possible. This is why we have built an entire site dedicated to helping other people begin their own kava experience. Share us around if at the end you like the article.

let’s jump right in ya; here is everything you need to know about drinking kava while on a full stomach.

Pros of Drinking Kava on a Full Stomach

There are three major pros of drinking kava while on a full stomach. Each of these pros when taken into consideration can help make the entire kava experience better for you and your guests.

Pro 1: Kava Will Take Longer to Reach Its Peak

If you drink kava on a full stomach you will notice that it takes significantly longer for the kava to reach its peak effect. If you plan ahead for this you can make the kava experience last significantly longer.

The reason that kava takes longer to reach its peak while on a full stomach is that your body will have to digest the food before it starts working on the kava. Depending on how much food you ate this could be another 20-30 minutes before you start to feel the effects of kava.

This can be a major pro when used properly. When we host a kava session we sometimes will order a pizza or two beforehand. This makes the session last longer and also makes everyone even happier since we have food.

Pro 2: Some Types of Food Make Kava Stronger

This is a hidden fact about kava. If you eat foods that are high in fat then you might experience the kava being stronger than usual.

This is especially true if you eat a lot of high-fat foods and then drink some kava. Foods such as dairy, fried, and keto foods in large amounts can cause the kava to become stronger in your stomach.

This is because of how kava reacts with fatty foods. Often high-fat foods will cause the kava to be more easily digested by the body. This means that you get more kava out of your kava drink than normal. Because of this people will sometimes use milk instead of water to brew their kava.

Pro 3: Some Foods Will Help You Not Feel Sick While Drinking Kava

Not everyone has an iron stomach that can easily handle kava. Some people don’t like the kava experience because kava makes them sick. Don’t worry as this is the secret; eat some high-fiber food before drinking kava to make your stomach feel better.

If you drink kava on a full stomach of fiber then chances are you won’t get sick. This is because the fiber will help your body slow down the digestion of kava. This means you won’t feel nauseous after kava if this normally impacts you!

Some great high-fiber foods that pair well with kava are apples, strawberries, bananas, and steamed broccoli. Each of these can be mixed with kava to create some pretty cool tastes and help with the whole experience.

Cons of Drinking Kava on a Full Stomach

While there are a couple of pros to drinking kava while on a full stomach the cons more than outweigh them in most cases. This is why we always recommend that people drink kava on an empty stomach first to see how their body reacts. Here are some of those cons.

Con 1: The Food Can Actually Make You Sick

This all depends on what type of food you eat before drinking kava. Normally kava does not mix well with extremely spicy foods such as curry or hot soup. This is because your stomach is already disturbed by the spices of the food; adding kava to that is not going to help.

Before we serve kava here at Kava-Bula I normally ask a couple of questions of first-time kava drinkers. One of the biggest questions is what did you last eat and how long ago was it? This is because I can gauge if they are ready to drink kava; the goal is to enjoy the experience ya know.

Just be careful with what type of food you eat before drinking kava. Just like other drinks, it can upset your stomach if you are full.

Con 2: The Food Can Actually Prevent the Kava From Working

Depending on what you ate certain foods can actually make the kava stop working. This is especially true if you start drinking kava on a full stomach.

Foods like bread, oatmeal, and pizza can prevent kava from working if you eat too much of them. This is because often these foods take a while to digest and when it mixes with kava you simply won’t feel anything from the kava.

This just makes drinking kava pointless so we normally advise against drinking kava after eating a large meal. At the end of the day, this will help ensure that everyone has a good time when drinking kava.


That’s about it when it comes to drinking kava while on a full stomach. People often make the mistake of treating kava like alcohol and eating a ton of food to help break down the kava. This however can be bad and end up making the experience worse for you.

The team here at Kava-Bula always tries to make kava as approachable as possible. That way we can easily enjoy kava together! Remember to always say ‘bula’ while drinking kava because this is how we make new friends! Bula to you!


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