Mixing Kava and Chamomile Tea: What You Need to Know

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Sometimes kava can hurt our stomach; one of the best ways to negate this effect is to mix it with some cold chamomile tea. This is an old secret that both makes your kava taste better and also helps to ease newer kava drinkers into the culture and beverage. On top of this chamomile can make the drink itself look significantly better when mixed in properly. However, there are a couple of major things that you should be aware of before you mix your kava with tea.

Mixing kava and chamomile tea is a great way to increase the flavor of the kava while also helping to ease stomach pains that some people might experience from kava. However, there are 3 things that should be done in order to mix the chamomile and kava properly. First, never mix hot tea with kava as this can destroy both drinks. Second, always add cold tea after the kava is poured. Third, make sure the kava you are using has been filtered several times. These tips will ensure that you get a great drink every time.

Mixing in cold chamomile tea is one of the team’s favorite additives to our kava here at Kava-Bula. We often keep a jug of just cold tea in the company fridge just to put together a quick mix. Once you get the proportion down just right then it becomes pretty easy to replicate the drink over and over again.

Let’s jump right in ya, here is exactly what you need to know when mixing kava and chamomile tea.

Always Add The Tea When It Is Cold

This is a major thing that should always be followed when mixing chamomile and kava. Add the tea when it is cold and not hot.

After you finish brewing the chamomile tea let it sit for a while or put some ice in it. The reason is that if you add hot substances to the kava you can actually begin to destroy the kava itself and even make it bad to drink.

Normally what I do is make the chamomile tea, let it sit for about an hour until it gets down to room temperature, and then put it into an airtight jug in the refrigerator. This will allow me to pull out the tea whenever I want and quickly add it to the kava.

However, if you add hot or warm tea straight to the kava you are only going to destroy the kava. As such one of the best things you can do when you mix chamomile and kava is to add in the tea when it is either room temperature or cold.

Always Add The Cold Tea After The Kava Has Been Poured

The second thing that you should always do is add the tea after the kava has been poured into the cup. The reason to do this is that you only want to add a tiny portion of chamomile tea and not overpower the drink.

When people mix anything with their kava they often put the additive in first. When you do this you can’t control the flavor as well. Adding in the tea first before the kava will only cause your drink to potentially be ruined.

However, if you add the tea after you have poured the kava you can slowly add in the tea and control just how diluted you want the kava drink to be. This is why we here at Kava-Bula always recommend adding in the additive after you have poured the kava drink.

In this case, the second thing you should know about mixing kava and chamomile tea is to add the tea after you have poured the kava. Trust us, it will make your drink 10x better.

Make Sure The Kava Has Been Filtered Several Times

When adding chamomile tea to your kava you should absolutely make sure your kava has been filtered several times. This is because the tea will dilute the kava itself and make the quality of the kava stand out even more.

If you use kava that has only been filtered once the entire drink will end up being extremely bitter. Filtering kava is as simple as just running it through a coffee filter or a filter bag. When done correctly this filter technique is going to make your kava extremely smooth.

Have you ever mixed a smooth drink with a bitter one? If you have it tastes awful as both the taste profiles get messed up. This is what happens when you add smooth-tasting chamomile tea with bitter kava. Since you can’t make the tea more bitter naturally the only other option is to make the kava more smooth. This is done by filtering it several times.

So how many times do you need to filter the kava to mix it properly with tea? Well for us we filter often about 5 times for cold tea. The mixture amount is going to be about 1/4 tea to 3/4 kava. Remember, you are only trying to add another flavor to the kava to make it taste better. So long as your kava is filtered several times then you only need a little bit of chamomile tea to balance out the flavor.


There you have it; that’s just about everything you need to know about mixing kava and chamomile tea.

The team here at Kava-Bula wants you to know that you are special. We take pride in providing some of the best information on the internet for kava lovers. Feel free to share around if you liked reading this.

When we drink kava we say ‘Bula.’ This term is a traditional one that means to wish your local community good health and prosperity. So Bula to you!


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