Smoking Vapes and Kava: 3 Reasons They are Seen Together

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When you are hanging out at the kava bar there are several things you will find among your surroundings. From people lounging out on couches to digital nomads working remotely, one particular thing you will notice at every kava bar is people smoking vapes. Kava bars and vape smokers go hand in hand. While smoking cigarettes inside has been banned for decades, the alternative for smokers in this day in age is to vape.

Kava and vaping are often seen together for a few reasons. They serve as alternatives to other harder substances, offset the earthy harsh after-taste of kava, and can enhance your overall experience. Smoking vaporizers have been a good alternative for smokers to stop smoking cigarettes. The correlation between the two is comparable to say, smoking hooka minus the tobacco.

When you are out at the kava bar with your friends and have had a shell or two, smoking a vaporizer can add to your kava experience. Some of the staff here at Kava-Bula also enjoy vaping while drinking kava. Like hooka, vaporizers come in various different flavors to enjoy. I find it to be a pleasant pairing myself at times when Im sipping on a shell.

Many people that smoke vapes at kava bars have many different reasons for doing so. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the 3 reasons mentioned above why people smoke vapes while drinking kava.

Reason 1: Alternatives to Harder Substances

One thing I have learned about kava bars is that everyone has a story of how they ended up at a kava bar. People of all kinds of backgrounds can be found within the community. A common thread that can be found among people that drink kava is that it serves as an alternative to drinking alcohol as well as smoking a vape instead of cigarettes.

I have heard countless stories of reasons why people started drinking kava and I would say that 90% of the time it was to stop drinking alcohol. Along with stepping away from alcohol, quitting smoking is also a major vice people can leave behind. Addiction to alcohol and cigarettes is a hard habit to break, so drinking kava and smoking a vape can serve as alternatives.

People have many reasons to stop drinking alcohol as it can really destroy one’s life when it becomes an addiction. Some lose control of their lives, some may have caused havoc for others, or for others, the years of alcoholism have caused significant health problems to the point where they needed to quit.

The effects of cigarette addiction aren’t as dire but still pose a problem. Vaping can be an alternative for smokers just like drinking kava instead of alcohol. I have found that the kava community embraces and supports one another for stepping away from harder substances for lighter alternatives. This is the type of support and comradery that can be found among the kava community we can all appreciate it.

Reason 2: Offset the Harsh After-Taste of Kava

We can all agree that drinking kava in its pure form isn’t easy. It can be described by some to be earthy with a gritty texture. Often times people will mix flavored syrups and creamers to make it more palatable. However, one way to offset the harsh taste can be smoking a vape. Since vapes usually come in a variety of different flavors, it actually can really make drinking kava a more pleasurable experience.

You can think of it almost as a flavor pairing. Some of my fellow kava drinkers have compared it to how food pairs with wine. Kava is naturally earthy tasting. With that being said, it is often people who will counter that taste by adding flavored syrups or creamer to mask the natural earthy notes. However, this is just adding more sugar to kava which I personally do not care for.

If you are like me and prefer kava in its pure form without syrups and creamer, one way to add flavor indirectly is by smoking a vape. Remember, it is similar to the idea of smoking hookah while having kava just a different form. Vapes are easily accessible in comparison to a hookah so it’s a comparable experience that can be had.

Fruity-flavored vapes are a great combo when used moderately and definitely help with any after-taste kava will leave behind. Just remember, balance is key my friend.

Reason 3: Enhancing Your Kava Experience

Now that we covered how kava and vapes go hand in hand, why not give it a try? I can admit that I used to both drink and smoke cigarettes. They just go together, plain and simple. But if you are like me as well as many others that decided to go a different route by drinking kava, you might enjoy vaping as a pleasant alternative.

When you are at the kava bar with your kava buddies and you are a couple of shells deep and feel that sense of euphoria, it is actually quite pleasant to puff on a flavored vape of your choice. Not only does it combat that heavy earthy flavor of kava, but it also gives a subtle enhancement to your kava buzz.

Any kind of tropical-flavored vape pairs well. The reason being so, is that I like to keep the association of that tropical island vibe with flavored vapes with kava. It really creates an overall enjoyable experience that both myself and some of my colleagues here at Kava-Bula enjoy from time to time.


There you have it, a brief in-depth look at why kava and vapes commonly are seen together. Whether it be finding alternatives for old vices or simply enhancing your experience when at the kava bar, it is a pleasant experience to be had. That is why smoking vapes and kava is a trend people have caught on to.

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