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When it comes to drinking kava, time and environment are key. Nobody likes to drink kava in an office building during a meeting ya know. That is why this article goes over the top 3 best times of the day to drink kava.

Kava is best enjoyed in nature either during the morning, mid-day, or just as the sun goes down. This is because these times are typically seen are relaxing moments and when nature can be enjoyed the most with a shell of kava.

The guys here at Kava-Bula each drink kava at different times of the day. I prefer to drink kava in the morning to start the day right while the other guys will drop a shell once they get back from surfing or from work in the afternoon.

Let’s jump right in ya; here are the 3 best times of day to drink kava.

Drinking Kava In The Early Morning

As previously stated; this is my favorite time to drink some kava. If you are a morning person and can wake up with the sunrise this is the perfect time to drink a quick shell of kava.

This is because kava will relax your body and mind. If you drink kava in the morning you will be good to go for the rest of the day. Just make sure that your morning kava is not too strong as it might cause you to become too relaxed.

Kava in the morning is like coffee. You want just enough to keep yourself going and to wake yourself up. Normally for this, I just do a small 5 oz cup of kava in the early morning.

If you can drink this kava before the sun rises then you should be in for a real treat. People who drink kava in the early Am and then watch the sunrise can get one of the most relaxed moments in nature.

Drinking Kava During the Mid-Day

Around 1-2 Pm is another great time of day to drink kava. This is because this is the peak of the day and kava can be used to help relax during a hectic day.

Most people who drink kava during the middle of the day often have to wake up extremely early. Their work day is often over after 1:00 in the afternoon and as such kava for them is a way to relax.

Also, many people go to the gym during the afternoon. Drinking kava right after a hard workout is a great way to help the body recover after expending lots of energy. Just make sure you intake enough protein and water to repair those damaged muscles ya know.

Drinking kava during the mid-day is a great way to bridge the gap between morning and evening. Many people drink kava during this time to simply begin to unwind and enjoy the remainder of their day. If you are going to give mid-day kava drinking a try then stick to a small glass of around 5-6 oz.

Drinking Kava During During Sunset

This is by far the best time of day to drink kava with friends; just as the sun is starting to go down.

Out here on the islands, I can’t tell you how many great times the Kava-Bula team has had with random strangers on the beach over a couple of shells of kava. Enjoying kava and watching the sunset is something that everyone should enjoy at least once in their life.

Kava is a great nighttime drink. This helps to explain the massive rise in kava bars across the United States. Today there are over 130 kava bars in the United States all serving up amazing nighttime kava drinks to their local communities.

If it is your first time drinking kava I would highly suggest drinking it at sunset with some friends. This is how you begin to make great connections with the locals of any community. All it takes is a shell of kava and a sunset.

Can You Sip on Kava All Day Long?

So what if you don’t want to drink kava only once during the day? Can you sip on some kava all day long? Well yeah, you can, and here is a trick.

If you want to drink kava throughout the day then you should mix some milk in with your kava. This will make the drink more potent and only one glass of kava should be good to sip on throughout the day.

In fact milk is one of the best things you can mix with your kava so long as you do it in moderation. If you are interested we wrote up an entire article going over the proper way to add milk to your next batch of kava; you can check it out here.

If you are sipping on your kava throughout the day and you added in some milk you should be good to go. By doing this you can enjoy all 3 daytime kava times without missing anything!


That’s about it when it comes to the 3 best times of day to drink kava. It is up to you to pick out which of these times works best for your schedule and personality.

Remember kava is a traditional drink that is designed to unite your local community while drinking it. That is why when we drink kava we always say ‘bula’ which translates to wishing those around you good health and prosperity. So bula to you!


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