The 3 Best Types of Food to Eat While Drinking Kava

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When drinking kava we often become pretty hungry. It only makes sense because eating is a social part of our lives, so why not pair it with kava? However, if you are going to eat while drinking kava you should only stick to a couple of types of food. Here are the 3 best types of food to eat while drinking kava.

When you are out drinking kava and you get hungry here are the 3 best types of food to eat. First, if you have a sweet tooth then reach for some dark chocolate mixed with some nuts. Second, if you are looking for something a little bit more savory then some light fish is always a good combination. Third, if you want to stick to some plants then lettuce, rice, and beans are always great.

When drinking kava and eating you want to stick to light food that is easy to digest. Fish, vegetables, and some light candy are by far the best choices. The team here at Kava-Bula always goes out for some grub after we finish our kava session. This allows us more time to socialize with our new friends that we made while drinking kava.

Let’s get right into it ya; here are the 3 best types of food to eat while drinking kava.

If You Have a Sweet Tooth Then Reach for Some Dark Chocolate Mixed With Nuts

One of the best types of food to eat while drinking kava is some dark chocolate and nuts. This is because how each flavor compliments the other well.

Plenty of people like chocolate. The favorite type of chocolate in the western hemisphere is light chocolate. However, you should always stay away from light chocolate when drinking kava because of its dairy content.

Instead, reach for dark chocolate or even pure chocolate. Both of these will settle well in your stomach and will allow you to keep on drinking kava in peace. To keep things natural sometimes at our kava sessions we will offer people some raw chocolate powder to mix in with their kava. This often creates a perfect flavor combination.

Regarding the nuts to pick, you can go with just about any kind here. I tend to stay toward the walnuts and larger harder nuts as people can chew these and then wash them down with kava. However, we have seen some kava bars offer small planters nuts as an alternative. Both work out fine.

Fish Is Also Another Great Food While Drinking Kava

While drinking kava you want to stick to light foods. One of the best forms of this is some fish that is seared and without a lot of oils.

Here on the islands we eat a ton of fish. You can pretty much get a fresh filet just about anywhere for a good price. As such when we offer kava gatherings in our local community we will sometimes get a local fisherman to bring his catch to share with us. In turn we give him some of our kava. Everybody wins as we have another person to socialize with and share the kava experience.

If you are going to eat fish with your kava make sure it’s well prepared and free of heavy oils. A lot of people will pair kava with some fried fish and this is a mistake. Just sear the fish and you are good to go.

The best thing about eating fish while drinking kava is that you are keeping it natural. Fish comes from the sea and kava comes from the islands. If you run with this type of food to eat while drinking kava then you are a true islander. Bula!

You Can Always Stick With Some Lettuce, Rice, and Beans

Here is a tried and true kava food. Grab a bowl and throw in some rice, lettuce, and beans.

This combination pairs greatly with a large bowl of kava where people can make their own drinks. Along with this self-serve style of kava now you can throw in a couple of bowls of each of these ingredients and let people start making their own food.

This type of food pairing is great for people whose stomachs get upset easily. All three of these ingredients pair perfectly together and are extremely light on the stomach. Some of my family members prefer this form of food while drinking their kava because of this.

However, for you this combination might seem too basic. The best thing about this is that you can always spice it up by adding in some peppers or some meat of your choice. The team here at Kava-Bula throw all sorts of stuff into their salads while drinking kava.

What Type of Food Should I Avoid While Drinking Kava

Ok, so those are the 3 types o food to eat while drinking kava now what types should you avoid? Well there are a couple.

First, you should avoid all forms of heavy oil and fats. This is food that has been deep fried or broiled. Often these foods taste great but the oil will mix with the kava and cause most people to become sick.

Second, you should avoid nearly all forms of dairy products. Kava and dairy tend to not pair well for a lot of people. Again everybody is different but you should generally avoid dairy products while drinking kava.

Third, heavy sweets with lots of sugar. Dark chocolate is one thing but eating an entire candy bar of sweets is probably going to make you feel bad. This is because kava is designed to mellow you out while candy will give you an insane sugar rush which can make you sick.

That’s about it for the foods to avoid. Try to stick to natural stuff and you should be fine when drinking kava.


If your looking to eat food while drinking kava then make sure you stick to these 3 types of food. They are easy on the stomach and the flavor pairs great with the amazing taste of kava.



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