The 3 Reasons Why Kava Is Becoming So Popular

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As we speak Kava Bars are opening up across the United States and quickly becoming a favorite pastime. As of 2022, the meca of Kava Bars in the United States is between Fort Lauderdale in Florida and up the east coast to Washington, DC. In Florida alone, there are over 1,000 kava bars that have only opened up in the past 7 years. Here are the 3 reasons why kava is becoming so popular.

There are 3 reasons why kava bars are becoming so popular across the world right now. First, kava is a great alternative to alcohol. Second, kava can be manufactured at an at-home distillery. Third, kava is designed to bring the community together which is perfect for western drinking culture. These 3 reasons have led to a massive rise in kava bars over the past 10 years in much of the western world.

As always it is important to remember that kava is a cultural drink. It is designed to drink in a communal environment with lots of people. This is why the team here at Kava-Bula always encourages first-time kava drinkers to enjoy the drink with their friends responsibly. When we are drinking kava we say ‘bula’ as a way to toast those who are drinking with us and to the good health of the community.

Let’s jump right into the article on the 3 reasons why Kava is becoming so popular.

Kava Is Becoming Popular Because It Is A Great Alternative To Alchohol

One of the main reasons why Kava is becoming so popular is because it is a great alternative to alcohol. This has helped to make kava grow as fast as it has across much of the western world.

The reason why kava is a great alternative to alcohol is because of the sedative effects it gives to you along with the fact that you can easily change the taste with some additives. Lots of people in the United States have started to turn to kava as a way to escape alcohol dependence and turn to something a bit more natural.

Regarding the taste, you can dress up kava so that it does not taste bad. Many places fail to filter their kava properly and as a result, you either get burnt or bitter-tasting kava. Well if you actually filter your kava through a proper filter and do it a couple of times then the kava is rather smooth and tastes significantly better than alcohol.

The best part is that because kava can be filtered to the point where it is nearly tasteless you can add a bunch of flavors. This is something that people are still experimenting with but I have seen bars in Florida add coffee creamer, pineapple juice, and orange juice to their kava lineup.

As such one of the major reasons why kava is becoming so popular in the world today is because it is a great alternative to alcohol.

Kava Can Be Manufactured At An At Home Distillery

Another reason why kava is becoming so popular across the world today is that it can be made at home. This has allowed people to be to discover this cultural drink from nearly anywhere.

This also extends into the business world itself. Since kava is basically coffee there are almost 0 laws pertaining to the creation process of this drink currently. What this means is that across the United States we are starting to see kava bars opening up and filtering their own drinks on site.

Further, it takes nearly no special equipment to properly make kava. The only thing you need for an at-home distillery is a couple of jugs for water, a piece of cloth for kneading or filtering, and a dark spot to store the kava and keep it cool. Almost anybody can order a container of raw kava powder and create their own kava drink.

Because of this kava is becoming incredibly popular across the world as we speak. I know that recently islands in the Philippines that export the kava powder have started to create a standardization process to ensure quality is kept as the demand for kava export grows rapidly.

Since kava can be made at home in a ‘distillery’ it has started to become incredibly popular nearly overnight. Many people in the industry predict that kava will become a major contender in the food and drink market over the next 10 years.

Kava Is Designed To Bring People Together Which Is Perfect For Western Drinking Culture

The final reason why kava is becoming so popular across the world is that it is designed to be drunk in groups. This is because the kava drink’s history is one of social discussion and community unity. This type of drink culture fits perfectly into the western tradition of late-night bars.

This is a major reason why kava bars have started appearing across the United States. Since there are no laws pertaining to the drink currently bars can legally sell it at any point in the night. Unlike other drinks such as alcohol kava simply has no regulation behind it currently. Since it is both a plant and a root many people treat it like a coffee bar when they go into a kava bar.

When you go into a bar in the western world you will see people gathered around talking about their day or the latest news. Alcohol tends to open people up but also makes them agitated. Kava does not do this but rather makes people relaxed and more open to discussion. The closest thing you can equate a kava bar to is a coffee bar in this regard.

As such kava is a perfect fit for another drink to offer at bars. This is one of the major reasons why kava is becoming so popular across the world right now. Chances are over the next 10 years or so kava bars will become a standard thing that all western people will start to see in major cities.


That’s about it; the 3 main reasons why kava is becoming so popular.

Kava is a great drink that should be respected as a cultural ritual. It is designed to be a drink that pulls a community together to talk about the activities from the past couple of days. Kava is a sacred part of many cultures in the Pacific region and should be drunk with respect for those cultures. Remember to always drink your kava respectfully and toast to the good future of those around you by saying ‘bula.’

So enjoy your kava and bula to you, you amazing person.


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