The 3 Reasons Why People Go To Kava Bars

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As we speak kava bars are popping up around the United States. What used to be the domain of alcohol and coffee is quickly becoming a world of kava in places such as Florida, New York, Hawaii, and California. But why do people go to kava bars? Well, there are 3 reasons.

People go to kava bars for 3 reasons. First, people go to kava bars to socialize. Second, people go to kava bars to destress from everyday life. Third, at kava bars, there are normally games and activities that people enjoy doing this often draws people in.

In general kava bars are great places to meet new friends, hang out with locals, and enjoy the amazing kava drink. However, when you are drinking kava you should be mindful that it is a cultural beverage. We want you to enjoy it as much as we do but be respectful of the drink, and always drink in moderation.

Here are the 3 reasons people go to kava bars explained in more detail.

1.) People Go To Kava Bars To Socialize

This is a major reason why people go to kava bars. You often meet some of the most interesting and funny people at local kava bars. We have traveled across the United States and have seen some amazing local kava places. Whenever we here at Kava-Bula walk into one of these bars we are amazed to see just how friendly people are.

We think that one of the reasons why kava bars are more inviting than traditional bars is because of the stigma that comes with a normal bar. Most bars are seen as dark places where you go to meet up with friends to stay for only an hour or so after work. Kava bars are the opposite of that.

When you walk into a kava bar it should be welcoming. The culture is completely different at a kava bar. Often we see some of the most successful kava bars include lounge seating and a youthful atmosphere that attracts all walks of life. It is this atmosphere that brings in people from all age ranges and walks of life.

We have run into business owners, athletes, officers, doctors, and professors at kava bars. Often these people are super friendly and are open to talking with anybody they meet which leads to some amazing conversations. After a shell or two, we have been invited to local barbeques, hikes, and many other events that we never knew existed.

As such, one of the main reasons why people go to kava bars is to socialize. Unlike a traditional bar, kava bars are simply more inviting for people to talk with each other.

2.) People Go To Kava Bars To Relax and Destress From Everyday Life

Another reason why people go to kava bars is to enjoy the kava and destress from everyday life. A good kava bar will even dress up the drink so that it won’t taste nearly as bad as it typically does.

Kava often leaves people feeling relaxed. People from around the world enjoy kava because it behaves a lot like tea you might get from your local coffee shop. A good kava shell will often make people stop stressing about their daily life and enjoy the present. Kava bars are often equipped with relaxing chairs and a couple of telivisions that keep people’s attention while they are there.

A kava bar is often like a coffee house when you go inside. It has relaxing furniture, music playing in the background, and a welcoming atmosphere. The idea is that you enjoy your time there and can relax. Across the United States, we have seen people going to kava bars to get work done, watch a sports game, or simply read a book in a relaxing environment.

Kava alone does not create a relaxing environment. It takes everyone involved. Whenever you drink kava you should remember to say “Bula!” This translates to wishing those around you good health and a good future. 90% of the entire relaxing environment of a kava bar comes from the people inside the kava bar, always remember to enjoy the drink and relax.

As such, one of the major reasons why people go to kava bars is because they want to relax and destress from everyday life.

3.) People Go To Kava Bars For The Activities

The most successful kava bars we have seen all have activities to keep people preoccupied. A lot of people come back to kava bars for all of the stuff outside of the kava itself.

Just like a normal bar a kava bar will have activities. These activities will range from shuffleboard, cornhole, pool, and even indoor soccer! We have seen it all when traveling around. The best activity in our minds is the pool. This is because it is a chill game where people of all ages can play and enjoy themselves. Outside of pool, the activity we see the most often at kava bars across the United States and Latin America is cornhole and videogames.

The team here at Kava-Bulat has also seen some crazy activities at kava bars as well. One bar we went to in Florida had a virtual reality game set up where people could put the headset on and walk around in a virtual world with other people from the bar. That was a pretty interesting thing to do. We are still waiting for somebody to install a mini-golf course in their kava bar as we love that over here.

As such another reason that people go to kava bars is for the activities themselves. A good bar will have several activities that keep people coming back just to play with other people.


There are several other reasons people go to kava bars. Everybody is different and has different reasons. However, those are the top 3 reasons why we see people routinely go back to kava bars month over month.

The team at Kava-Bula aims to provide the best kava articles on the internet. If you enjoyed this post then I encourage you to check out kava for yourself and share us around the internet!

As always, drink your kava responsibly and never forget to cheer your new friends to good health by saying ‘bula!’


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