The 3 Steps To Baking With Kava

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Everybody knows that they can mix kava and water to create a tasty beverage, however what about putting kava powder into baked goods? Well, I am here to tell you that it is possible so long as you follow the 3 steps outlined below.

When baking with kava it is important that we do it properly. There are 3 steps to ensuring that your kava is not destroyed when you bake with kava. First, you can only use kava in fast-baked light batter cakes such as pancakes. Second, you need to mix the kava with a protector such as a peanut butter to ensure that it is somewhat protected against heat. Third, make sure you cook on an open-air griddle or pan instead of in an oven.

By following these 3 steps you will ensure that when you bake with kava you don’t destroy the kava while also making the baked good taste bad. The team here at Kava-Bula will throw in some kava powder into their pancakes in the morning for a nice way to start the day. The most important part is making sure to not use enough heat to destroy the kava powder itself.

Let’s jump right into it ya; here are the 3 steps to baking with kava.

Step 1: Only Use Kava With Light Batter Baking Recipies

This is a major step that should always be followed; when you are baking with kava make sure to use light batter baking recipes. This is stuff like pancakes or crepes.

The reason behind this is that with light batter air pockets will form during the baking process. These air pockets from our in-house studies end up protecting the kava enough so that you do not lose much of the kava potency.

When you bake using normal batter you will end up making the batter too hot, this in turn will destroy the kava’s potency and end up just flavoring the bread as kava. Instead, it is easier to just use a lighter batter that has air pockets built into it.

One of the best recipes to use this baking kava strategy with is to make pancakes in the morning with kava in them. When you make the batter put some kava in it and whip it up so that it is light and fluffy. This will protect the kava from overheating and will protect the kava’s efficiency.

As such the first step to baking with kava is to make sure that you only use a light batter that has been stirred plenty of times. After you finish making the batter make sure you sprinkle in a pinch of kava to get the flavor and efficiency.

Step 2: Mix the Kava Into the Batter With a Protecting Element Such as Peanut Butter

The second step in baking with kava is to mix the kava powder into the batter with an element that will protect the kava powder from the heat during the baking process. This element will have to be thick and sticky in nature; our personal favorite choice is smooth peanut butter.

The reason that this works is that the peanut butter will act as insulation against the heat for the kava powder. The kava powder will have no problem at all sticking to the peanut butter and it even helps the flavor of the finished baked good as well.

The only reason that this works is because we are going to use light fluffy batter. This batter will cook faster which will give the peanut butter enough time to protect the kava powder from being destroyed by the heat.

It does not have to be peanut butter. You can mix kava with thick butter or even jelly. The only important part is that the kava is coated with a thick element that can act as insulation against the heat. We have seen people use everything from peanut butter to marshmallows.

As such the second step to baking with kava is to make sure you mix the kava powder in with a protective element that will protect the kava from being destroyed by the heat.

Step 3: Make Sure You Use An Open Air Griddle Or Pan Instead Of An Oven

This is important; make sure when you are baking with kava that you are using an open-air cooking utensil and not an oven.

The reason behind this is because the heat only comes from one side when using a griddle or pan. This will allow you to flip the baked good over and over again to cook the baked good evenly while also making sure that the kava inside of it is protected.

Our personal favorite here at Kava-Bula is to use a flat stove top with a flat spatula. This allows us to cook several pancakes at the same time with kava inside of them while also protecting the kava. When done properly you will even smell the kava inside the batter; which to us smells great.

When you use an oven to bake with kava it is incredibly hard to prevent the kava from being overheated and destroyed. This is because in an oven heat will bake the kava from all sides which means that it will begin to degrade faster.

As such the third step to baking with kava is to use an open-air griddle or pan. By doing this you are going to notice a significant improvement in the efficiency of the kava in your baked good.


That’s about it when it comes to baking with kava; so long as you follow these 3 steps then you should be good to go.

The trick is to make sure that you’re protecting the kava from as much heat as possible. Too many people just throw kava into the baking process without knowing that heat will slowly destroy the kava over time. If you take the necessary precautions to prevent this then you can throw kava into just about any baked good.



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