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Often when people visit a kava bar they will look for different types of activities to take part in while they drink kava, one of the best is board games. These board games are designed to be social and allow for 2-6 people to easily play. Here are the top 3 board games we have seen at kava bars.

Out of all the kava bars we have been to there are 3 board games that we keep on seeing. First, checkers is an old classic that is easy for people to get into. Second, chess has started growing in popularity at kava bars over the past couple of years. Third, kava is great when paired with a good game of Scrabble.

These 3 board games are perfect for kava drinkers. They are social games and encourage people to relax and enjoy their time with the random people they meet at kava bars. The team here at Kava-Bula has traveled around the United States and we love playing board games at different kava bars. While we might not be very good we are always down for a game if you see us.

Let’s jump into the article ya; here are the top 3 board games for kava bars.

Checkers Is a Great Game for Kava Lovers

Checkers is one of the best board games for kava bars because of its deceptively simple nature.

Nearly everybody in the world knows how to play checkers. You simply jump over other players’ pieces while trying to protect your own. Because everybody knows the rules this is a perfect board game for a low-stress social situation.

On top of this checkers are easy to replace when the board game goes missing or breaks. Just about any large retail shopping store will carry a $10 board of checkers or you can buy one online.

Further, checkers is a great fit for the relaxed nature of kava. People tend to not be competitive when drinking kava and as such you don’t want to have them play a board game where people have to heavily compete.

Finally, checkers is just a chill game. Often people spend more time relaxing and talking with other people than they do playing the game. This is perfect for a kava bar as it will encourage people to socialize; which is the whole point you know.

Chess Has Started to Grow in Popularity

Don’t ask the team here at Kava-Bula to play kava chess; I am awful but some of the other guys could be considered kava-pro chess champs. That’s what happens when you travel to different kava bars I guess.

Needless to say, chess has started to explode in popularity at kava bars in the past couple of years. It makes sense because chess is a pretty chill game that requires very little thought when playing in a relaxed environment.

Chess boards can be custom-built around the theme of the kava bar; this can be cool when done right. However, we recommend just grabbing a decent chess set that can be easily replaced. Remember, whatever you put in a kava bar will eventually get broken or stolen. Best to get the cheap stuff at first.

While some people take chess seriously those who play at kava bars normally are pretty relaxed. People spend more time talking than they do playing chess and this is perfect for kava. Remember what makes a kava bar a good business idea is the community that can form around it. You should encourage anything that causes people to talk with each other.

Kava Is Great When Paired With a Good Game of Scrabble

Bet you were not expecting this huh; Scrabble is a phenomenal game to play at kava bars.

This goes against all logic. Scrabble can be a competitive game that requires way too much thinking for a kava bar. Normally this would be true except that Scrabble is hilarious when paired with kava drinkers.

Funny words will start to come out and before you know it people are playing less scrabble and just trying to outguess each other on different types of words. This is exactly what makes a good kava bar board game great; the socializing aspect of it.

I was surprised to see scrabble at kava bars when I first encountered the phenomenon about 2 years ago. I was in Florida helping with some local bars in the region and one of the owners placed scrabble in his kava room. The result was a perfect match of board game and kava as people played for hours attempting to strategically come up with different words.

While I suck at Scrabble you might be able to find some members of the Kava-Bula team to play with. I will watch and be the support you need to win.

Scrabble is a great game for kava bars because of the chill nature of the game. This pairs greatly with the atmosphere of kava bars and as such is a perfect board game.


That’s about it to board games and kava bars.

The trick to finding a good board game is that you want to find one that is easy to get into without any explanation while fun and causes people to socialize at the same time. Chess and Checkers are two-player games while Scrabble can be played with 4 people or more.

As always remember that kava is a traditional beverage. When drinking kava make sure to say ‘Bula!’ This word translates to wishing your local community and those around you good health and fortune. So Bula to you!


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