What are the 10 Benefits of Drinking Kava?

Kava Culture

Kava is undoubtedly a kind of wonder drink. It is natural, safe, and has been enjoyed for centuries. Early Polynesians were the first to find this out as kava was created by their culture. So what are the benefits of drinking kava? Well, there are many reasons why kava is great as well beneficial to mind, body, and soul.

The team here at Kava-Bula utilizes kava to its full extent. We all find it quite valuable to our daily rhythm. Kava culture embodies a spirit of good energy and productivity so we are all pretty much fueled by it on a daily basis. Whether you are working, studying, or just enjoying a day off, kava is most advantageous for your daily routine.

Often I like to compose a list of healthy habits I have acquired throughout the years and share them with my friends, colleagues, and family. It was easy to note that kava was in the top ten of my healthy habits that I had incorporated into my daily routine. The kava community has been a great asset in enabling a healthier rhythm for me, my friends, and my colleagues to benefit from.

So let’s jump into ten benefits of drinking kava and how they can make you get the most out of your day.

Benefit #1: Mood enhancement

Ever have just one of those days where everything goes wrong? Of course, we all have. It could be a dispute between your significant other, a hellish day at work, or even finding a parking ticket on your car. These are all circumstances that can affect our mood and will take a toll on our emotions. Such circumstances can be a real bummer.

A good way to alleviate some of these downers we all endure at times is to drink some kava. It helps give us a sense of well-being and takes us off the edge. The reason why kava helps alleviate mood is the kavalactones that are being metabolized. Kavalactones (kavapyrones) are the main ingredient in kava which helps you relax.

We can be in a more present state when our minds aren’t overwhelmed by emotions. Being in a better mood allows us to have clarity. This is a valuable aspect when it comes to our work or studies. Better to be in a good mood so we can stay focused, calm, and relaxed.

When the body is in a relaxed state we simply feel better. This brings us to our next topic of how kava benefits us and directly correlates with mood enhancement.

Benefit #2: Relaxation

Stress is damaging both psychologically and physically. When the body is going through stress our blood pressure rises, we experience shortness of breath, and we can’t focus for shit.

As with enhancing mood, kava helps you relax. It works hand and hand. As I had mentioned previously how kavalactones aid in relaxation directly enhancing your mood. How we get our bodies to relax varies as we are all different. In the context of kava helps is that it will lower heart rate.

Lowering your heart rate is good for several reasons. One is that it allows you to feel in control of your breathing. Often when we experience stressful situations our heart rate will start to peak.

Another reason is that when you can lower your heart rate you can calm down and rest. Often times stress can cause insomnia if left untreated. When you cannot sleep this will grateful affect the outcome of the rest of your mood, mental clarity, as well as energy.

This brings us to our next topic on how kava benefits us.

Benefit #3: Sleep Aid

Losing sleep throws off my day. I feel foggy, my mood isn’t so great, and I don’t feel quite up to speed. Drinking kava before going to sleep can help you get a better night’s rest.

Some studies have shown that Kava-kava extract may be a helpful treatment for insomnia out the there. This was great news for me as I do suffer from insomnia. I had tried other sleep remedies such as herbal sleepy teas, over-the-counter sleep aids, melatonin, etc.

Trying just about everything out there is a difficult endeavor I found it to be overwhelming. The way most of what I had tried made me feel groggy in the morning, or the quality of sleep wasn’t good. It was a relief to discover that Kava helped me get a good night’s sleep.

I felt I had a better rhythm and clarity throughout my day. My performance with work productivity had improved. My brain felt like it got a software upgrade! This brings us to our next benefit.

Benefit #4: Improvement in Cognitive Function

Mental clarity is a must for me when it comes to my job. Any job that requires critical thinking will cause some stress. With that being said, I find it necessary to have a clear mind. A lack of mental clarity will negatively affect work performance.

Knowing that kava improves sleep quality it also helps improve work quality as well. Studies have shown the effects kava has on improving mental cognition. This is great for keeping you focused when you are getting deadlines done at work or studying for an exam.

I cannot express how much staying focused during a job task is important for me. It’s so easy these days to become distracted by our devices, loved ones, or the unexpected. I find it incredibly helpful to drink some kava while I work remotely.

It helps with keeping me focused and actively engaged with work. I have to juggle different tasks and it gets distracting doing one thing and jumping to another. Kava essentially helps me keep this juggling act intact and prevents me from getting distracted.

Since I had mentioned how kava can help improve mental clarity and focus, let’s move on to our next topic.

Benefit #5: Good for Meditation

Finding peace and having balance is a must with the chaos that life throws at you. Drinking kava helps not only helps us to unwind but tune in. If you are like me, I find that meditation helps me keep my zen in life. Like juggling work tasks, we also have to juggle everything else our lives through at us.

The daily grind makes my mind go in all kinds of directions. Sometimes when I have to multi-task it creates this rhythm that is hard to undo. When it comes down to much-needed meditation I find that kava helps me in the state of consciousness I need to be in.

That feeling of racing thoughts can also give me some writer’s block. So what I can do since kava aids in mental clarity and focus is to meditate while having a shell. It especially helps that kava does help lower heart rate, so one could say that meditation and drinking kava go well together.

Kava is also great when you do something you enjoy such as doing art, playing or listening to music, or even surfing. That feel-good energy brings us to our next topic.

Benefit #6: Mildly Relieves Depression

We all get blue from time to time. Life can be tough and that weight can bare a heavy burden on one’s emotions. The good news is that drinking kava can provide a mild sense of relief when life gets you down.

Anxiety and depression are directly correlated with each other. Case studies have shown that kava produced “significant anxiolytic and antidepressant activity“What this means essentially is that kava is effective at relieving anxiety and depression.

This study shows how kava can help treat the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Although it shouldn’t be used solely to treat these symptoms. If you are struggling with depression, always consult a doctor or physician if you are uncertain about treatment.

Alleviating both of these conditions has been a great alternative especially if you are wanting to take a more natural route. There are other ailments that one could find some relief with the use of kava, so let us move on to our next topic.

Benefit #7: Pain Relief

Getting injured can be a serious deal. Depending on the severity, it can be life-changing for people. For those that have experienced serious injury, pain is usually a part of the aftermath. Chronic pain is difficult to live with for the rest of your life.

The good news though is that kava also is good for relieving pain. The main active ingredient in kava (kavalactones) has some pain-relieving properties. Kava root can even be chewed by Polynesians for these reasons to numb or dull the pain.

Chewing whole kava root isn’t the best experience as drinking a shell is a bit easier to enjoy. If you do happen to get the chance to chew on the root, give it a try. This was how it was used in its primitive form and is still used to this day by people of the South Pacific Islands.

One of the major causes of pain and other issues that people often tend to overlook is inflammation. Let’s explore more of this in our next topic.

Benefit #8: Anti-Inflammatory Effects

One major contributor to pain is inflammation. They go hand in hand, where one goes the other one follows. Inflammation is a huge contributor to many different symptoms that can become severe as well as damaging to our bodies over time.

Chronic inflammation diseases have an array of harmful effects if left untreated over time. Some of these include damage to tissues and organs, internal scarring, and damage to healthy cells as well as to the DNA in previously healthy cells.

It is important to do what we can to prevent this from happening. The good news is that kava is a natural anti-inflammatory. One case, for example, was a study to treat RA (Rheumatoid arthritis). The study found that kava had prevented alveolar bone loss, and cartilage damage as well as prevented inflammation in the test subject.

How awesome is that!? This is extremely helpful for anyone that suffers from chronic inflammation disease such as RA. This is also extremely valuable information for anyone that wants to take a more natural approach to holistic medicine for relief.

I have several friends and family members that are into holistic medicine as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. It is a good transition to find other alternatives that are good for our health and are natural. Kava is a great resource for alternatives to medicine as well as other substances.

This brings us to our next topic of how people can utilize kava to break away from drinking alcohol.

Benefit #9: A Great Alternative to Alcohol

One commonality you will find at just about any kava bar in the US is people that have either stepped away from drinking alcohol. It is almost a common topic of conversation that just about any regular can empathize with at a kava bar.

Substance abuse is destructive. It will affect your livelihood and those around it. Change is necessary if it ends up destroying your life and those around you. If you ask any regular at a kava bar about reasons why they drink kava, there is a good chance you will find the reason was to end their addiction to alcoholism.

Kava is a great way to kick the booze simply because it’s not destructive like alcohol. If you are looking for a way out of alcoholism you can find that kava is a great alternative. It is subtle with its euphoric effects, not as harmful when drunk moderately, and difficult to abuse for a couple of reasons.

First off, If you try to get rooted (slang for drunk on kava), there will be a point your body will want to stop. Several people, like myself, will simply end up throwing it up from overconsumption. Everyone is different but this is a common issue when overconsuming.

Kava will cause some impairment if you drink over the suggested amount in one sitting or if you are drinking concentrated forms of it.

Second, is that kava isn’t that destructive. You will notice this when going to a kava bar. The energy is completely different. The environment is more relaxed and controlled not rowdy. The only time it could get rowdy or loud is if people coming from other bars will stumble their way into a kava bar and be disruptive.

This brings me to a topic that is also very important. It is not recommended to mix kava with alcohol. It isn’t good for your liver, it pretty much puts it into overdrive. Kava will dehydrate you so always remember to drink water and stay hydrated.

Choosing not to drink alcohol is a difficult task, especially if you are experiencing alcoholism. I am not suggesting to replace one thing for another. I know firsthand that it takes a bit of work to break out of addiction.

Having a support group is defiantly important for someone battling with addiction. It is not uncommon for AA group members to see one another at a kava bar, it is fairly common.

This brings us to our final topic of how kava is beneficial.

Benefit #10: Community

Kava culture embodies a rich community. You can find people of all different backgrounds at a kava bar. Some people are there to work, some are there to study, and others are there to simply hang out and unwind.

Finding new friends at a kava bar is fairly easy too. It can be a great place to network as well as you can find like-minded people. I benefited from meeting new friends as well as finding new work opportunities. As I mentioned before, the overall tone of a kava bar is chill. This environment directly reflects the people that go to a kava bar.

Since the people at kava bars aren’t inebriated from alcohol, social interactions can usually be found more wholesome and authentic. Kava culture benefits those that are in recovery from addiction. Since the community is mostly inclusive, it is fairly easy to find common ground with just about anyone and make new friends.

This is most beneficial for anyone seeking support when making the transition from stepping away from harmful addictions. Reaching out is fairly easy and can start with a simple “hello”. Through time any newcomer can easily be a part of the community.

The benefit of being a part of the community is very valuable. If you are looking for support, want to network, or simply looking for new friends, the kava community is a great place to find it.


As we can see the the benefits of drinking kava are valuable in many aspects. From alleviating mood, helping with sleep, or finding community the benefits of drinking kava are bountiful. We covered just ten of them but there are many more to explore and utilize.

All of us here at Kava-Bula have gone in-depth with our research about how we have benefited from drinking kava throughout the years. Without a doubt, the results have been monumental in aiding our physical health as well as our mental health.

The Polynesians are to thank for this wonder drink. They have been enjoying it for years for many reasons. They believe that kava was the root of wisdom. Little did they know it would be so much more beneficial to our mind, body, and soul.

If you have enjoyed what you have read be sure to subscribe to our free news-letter. Be sure to tell your friends or anyone else interested in kava.

I hope that what you have found was insightful as well as helpful. Until next time my friends be well and drink well. Here is a Mantra of Wellness I will leave you with.

“I listen to my body and give it what it needs.”



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