Should You Mix Kava and Coffee? Here Is the Answer

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Drinking kava and coffee might seem counterintuitive. Kava is designed to be relaxing while coffee is designed to give you energy. Well, I am here to tell you that you can mix both of these drinks so long as you follow 3 simple rules.

When mixing Kava and Coffee there are 3 rules that need to be followed to ensure you get the most out of both beverages. First, never directly mix the kava and coffee in the same cup. Second, don’t drink them both at the same time, instead, drink the kava first. Third, make sure you drink water when you drink coffee and kava.

If you follow these three rules then you will be all set. The team here at Kava-Bula has seen countless people order a coffee and then kava only to drink them both and get sick. It is important that you know how these drinks counteract each other. This will allow you to enjoy both the kava and coffee without regretting ordering both.

Let’s dive right into the article yeah. Here is the answer to whether or not you should mix kava and coffee.

Never Directly Mix the Kava and Coffee in the Same Cup

When people ask if they can mix kava and coffee I always tell them “yeah, but not in the same cup.” This is because you don’t want to heat up the kava and destroy the kavalactones that make the kava work.

Coffee normally is brewed somewhere around 190 degrees Fahrenheit. If you were to pour this coffee into the kava you would instantly destroy the kava and just have a bad-tasting drink. When we brew kava we use either cold or room temperature water to preserve the kava root; hot water will only destroy it.

Instead of mixing hot coffee and kava, you can mix cold coffee and kava. There is no problem with mixing a cold brew in with your favorite kava as long as there is not much coffee in the final drink. If you mix too much coffee in with your kava it can make either you or your guests sick, which is not an ideal way to drink kava.

Normally I would not recommend mixing kava and coffee into the same cup regardless of temperature. There is just too much that can go wrong. However, you can drink kava and coffee together. Just make sure they are in different cups and you should be ok so long as you follow the other two rules.

Don’t Drink the Kava and Coffee at the Same Time, Instead Drink the Kava First

This is another rule that everybody should follow when drinking kava and coffee together. Always drink the kava before you drink the coffee.

The reason behind this is how the coffee sits in your stomach. Coffee on an empty stomach will lead to a jittery feeling and can upset your stomach. Once you start to drink the kava this upset stomach feeling can turn into a big problem and cause you to not enjoy the drink.

However, kava is a sedative mixture that is known to calm upset stomachs. Drinking your kava first will give your body time to digest the kava before you start to make your want into the coffee. This will lead to a much more enjoyable experience all around.

As an added trick you should eat carbs in between the kava and coffee drinks. Right after you finish your kava you should eat some bread or pretzels before drinking the coffee. This will slow down the digestion process for the coffee and help your stomach process the entire drink.

As long as you drink the kava first you should be good to drink the coffee. If you drink the coffee before the kava then you run the risk of being sick and having an upset stomach which nobody enjoys.

Make Sure You Drink Water When Drinking Coffee and Kava

It should go without saying that when you drink kava and coffee you should also be drinking water. This is because kava and coffee both dehydrate you when you drink them.

This is a major problem that we have seen impact people numerous times. Often they don’t realize that they should be drinking water at the same time as drinking kava and end up becoming dehydrated.

As a rule of thumb with every shell of kava that you drink you should also be drinking one glass of water to compensate. With both coffee and kava, you should be drinking two glasses of water to make sure you are good to go.

The last thing you want is to become dehydrated while drinking your coffee and kava. This will make the entire experience suck and often is one of the main reasons that people don’t like to drink coffee and kava together.

However, if you stick to the rule of one glass of water for every one drink of coffee or kava you drink then you will be fine. This is what we recommend people do when they are drinking kava with us here on the islands. Water is free you know, you should always be drinking as much as possible.


That’s about it to answering the question of whether or not you can drink coffee and kava.

As long as you don’t mix the drinks together, drink the kava first, and always stay hydrated then you will be good to go and can easily drink both coffee and kava together.

Always remember that kava is a cultural drink that is designed to bring the local community together. That is why when we are drinking kava we say ‘Bula’ which translates to wishing your local community happiness and prosperity. So Bula to you!


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