What are the 10 Benefits of Drinking Kava?

Here are the main benefits of drinking kava. Bula!

Does Kava Make You Itchy?

Does drinking kava make you itchy? Well normally no, but in some circumstances it might if you[…]

How Long Do You Have to Wait for Kava to Kick In?

How long does it take for you to start feeling the effects of kava; also known as[…]

3 Reasons Mormons Can Drink Kava?

What are the rules for Mormons who want to drink kava? Well here is everything you will[…]

Can Kava Make You Happy? (Answered Here)

3 Tips to help you become happy by drinking kava! Bula!

Where is Kava Most Popular?

Where is kava the most popular in the world? Where here is the answer!

Who is the God of Kava: Dengai

Kava is old, really old. However, who was the god who gave this magical root to mankind?[…]

The 3 Types of People Who Use Kava

Who are the types of people who end up drinking kava? Well from our observations here at[…]

How Long Has Kava Been Used For

How long has kava been consumed? Well the answer might surprise you but kava is one of[…]

3 Reasons Why Kava Is Good for Anxiety

Here is exactly why kava is good for anxiety. From calming to relaxing kava is the perfect[…]

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