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One of the most valuable steps to preparing your next kava beverage is to make sure you strain out the kava powder properly. Unfortunately for many newer kava drinkers, they fail to strain out the root properly and this causes a very bitter taste in the drink. One of the coolest things about Kava is that depending on how much of the root you strain out you get a completely different taste. When in a pinch you can even use a coffee filter, here are the 3 steps to doing so.

It is pretty easy to strain out just the right amount of kava using a coffee filter once you know what you are doing. However, doing it your first time might be a bit hard. Here are the 3 steps.

  1. Obtain your desired coffee filter. Finer filters make a lighter kava drink while normal coffee filters make a more bitter drink.
  2. Prepare your Kava powder properly and place the coffee filter over a large liquid container.
  3. Enjoy! Bula!

If you are stuck or worried don’t be! I will walk you through the process below along with what type of coffee strainer to get. At Kava-Bula we provide the most accurate information on everybody’s favorite cultural drink. Feel free to sign up for the free newsletter to remain up to date on all things kava.

Let’s jump right in! Here are the 3 steps to straining kava with a coffee filter.

Step 1: Obtain The Right Coffee Filter For Your Kava

The first step to straining kava with a coffee filter is to first obtain the coffee filter itself. While this step is kinda self-explanatory it is important that you get the right coffee filter for kava.

A lot of people assume that you can use just about any type of coffee filter. This is true but it will drastically impact the quality of your drink. It is by far better to be prepared and get the right kind of coffee filters so that your kava will be smooth instead of bitter unless you like your kava like that.

There are two types of coffee filters you can use to filter out your kava. The first is a fine filter and the second is a more coarse filter. Depending on what type of kava drink you are going for you can use either.

For a better tasting and smoother kava drink, you should grab a fine coffee filter. You can get these at just about any home goods shop. I would grab a couple of them for your first time as the consistency of the kava catches a lot of people unprepared and their filter collapses into the drink. Remember, the finer the filter the smoother the kava drink.

If you want a more traditional bitter taste then you should look at getting coarse coffee filters. These filters are also at any home goods store or can be bought online. You will know when you get these coffee filters because they are often a bit sturdier and are easier to strain kava with. With these filters, you are going to get a bit more kava taste which to many people is bitter.

It is important that you remember that kava tends to pour a bit heavier when it’s unfiltered. You should be careful when pouring it you first time as it can all come out at once and destroy your setup. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

With your coffee filter chosen, it’s time to get to the second step of straining kava with a coffee filter; setting up the raw kava drink and your liquid container.

Step 2: Prepare Your Kava Properly And Set Up Your Large Liquid Container

Once you have your coffee filter all set up it’s now time to start preparing the kava itself and your set up.

For the kava itself, the best ratio we have found for raw kava powder to water is around 2 cups of water to 25 grams of kava powder. Make sure the water itself is room temperature when you put the kava powder into the liquid container. You want the powder to begin to dissolve. If the water is too hot then it can damage the kava powder, to cold and the powder won’t dissolve properly.

Once you have the raw kava beverage prepared put it inside and away from the sun. You should stir this large liquid container filled with your raw kava drink about once every minute or two to help the powder dissolve. If you are in a hurry you can always use a mixer but here at Kava-Bula, we like to chill and take our time with the stirring. The goal is to make sure the powder dissolves evenly into the water.

While the powder is dissolving it is time to set up our coffee strainer and second liquid container. What you need to do now is to place the coffee strainer of your choice on the top of the empty liquid container and find a way to fasten it down. I will have another person hold the strainer itself to make sure it does not fall into the drink.

Once your kava powder has dissolved you need to gently pour the raw kava drink into the strainer which is over the empty liquid container. If done properly then a slightly clearer kava drink will come out the other side. Repeat this process until you have strained out the entire drink through the coffee filter.

However, there is one last step that needs to be done. Now it is time to chill and enjoy our new filtered kava drink.

Step 3: Enjoy The Kava! Bula!

The most important part of any kava preparation step is to enjoy the drink at the end.

Here make sure you clean up the spent coffee filters. Also, clean up any spills from the pouring part. Chances are if this is your first time filtering a large kava drink then you spilled a portion of the drink itself. Don’t feel bad, it happens to all of us.

After you have strained out the kava you can place it in a cool place. I put it in my refrigerator so that it is nice and cold once I drink it. However, the traditional way of drinking kava is at room temperature so make sure you give that a try as well.

Always remember, when we drink Kava we say bula instead of any other form of a toast. While “bula” itself is not a toast it does convey a general wish that those drinking the kava will have a great life and be healthy. Who wouldn’t want to wish that, so bula to you and your new coffee-filtered kava drink.


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