The Definitive Answer On Should You Drink Kava Fast Or Slow?

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Drinking kava is best done properly, many people make the mistake of messing up this drink and then hating it. Kava is not particularly known for its wonderous taste you know. One of the best ways to make that kava go down is to drink it properly, here is the definitive answer on whether you should drink your kava fast or slow.

When drinking kava beginners should drink their kava as fast as possible. This is for two reasons. First, you will experience the effects of the kava faster. Second, drinking kava faster means it won’t taste as bad. For seasoned kava drinkers, it’s best to take it slower to enjoy the drink.

Kava drinking is a cultural experience first and foremost. Many people make the mistake of drinking kava like they would an alcoholic beverage. In actuality, this drink should be enjoyed like iced tea. The group here at Kava-Bula takes great pride in providing the most accurate kava information for the world to use. This article goes over the speed at which you should drink your kava.

Let’s jump right into it.

Newer Kava Drinkers Should Drink Their Kava Fast

If you are new to kava the absolute best way you can drink your kava is by throwing it back as fast as possible. This is because you will feel the effects of kava faster and reduce the taste as much as possible.

In order to drink your kava faster, we always give new guys a piece of fruit to bit into first before drinking their kava. Make sure you stir the kava before drinking it because it will make the drink smoother. At the end of the day, you are drinking a traditional drink that has the taste of a bitter piece of earth.

Therefore it is best to drink your kava as fast as possible as a new guy. Don’t hurt yourself but you should finish a 200 ml or 8-ounce drink of kava in about one solid drink. Right after this newer guys should then eat a piece of fruit or drink some juice. This will reduce the ‘bad’ taste that newcomers to kava often experience.

When the group of us here at Kava-Bula sit down and enjoy some kava we typically ask if anybody joining us is new. If they are then we will often mix in their kava some sweet drink such as a bit of soda or some juice. This helps the drink go down smoother and prevents the person from hating the drink.

The other added benefit of drinking your kava fast is that you will enjoy the relaxing effects of the kava faster. If you drink your kava slow then it will take time for the drink to start impacting you.

When you drink your kava drink fast then you can get to relaxing and socializing faster. Just remember to drink it responsibly and with respect yeah.

Veteran Kava Drinkers Should Take Their Time And Drink Slow

As you drink more kava the taste will become better. Now you are actually starting to enjoy kava and don’t have to throw it back in one gulp. Congratulations you are now a veteran kava drinker, now it’s time to actually enjoy kava the traditional way.

Kava is designed to be a social drink that unites the community. When we drink kava we say ‘bula’ as it translates to ‘to the benefit of the community and friends.’ When you drink kava in the traditional way you are supposed to drink it slowly and match the speed of those around you.

Lots of newer guys who come over to Hawaii and join in on the tradition disrespect the kava and throw it back over and over again. Not only is this bad for them but it also prevents you from enjoying the true nature of the kava. Kava in its essence is designed to be enjoyed slowly in a communal setting.

Veteran kava drinkers will drink the kava with very little straining and without the aid of any fruit. They won’t throw it back but instead will sip on it while talking with those around them and sharing stories.

If you really want to enjoy the drink this is how you should be drinking it. Nice and slow so that you can relax with everyone around you. Make sure you drink it slowly and enjoy the company you are around.

So Should you Sip or Chug your Kava?

This comes down to your individual preference you know. We always recommend that newer kava drinkers sip on their kava until they get the right feel for it. However, the proper way to drink kava is to chug it all in one go and then relax.

Here on the Islands we often tell first-time kava drinkers that it is in their best interest to sip on their first shell of kava. We have had several new guys get sick from drinking their kava way too fast. Many people treat kava just like alcohol and that is a mistake. If it is your first time drinking kava then take it slow.

If on the other hand, you are a kava pro then you should chug your kava. This is going to give you the proper kava feeling and get you back to socializing with your friends faster. This is the point of kava, to socialize with those around you. That’s why whenever we drink kava out here we always drink to the good fortune of those around us. So if you are a pro at drinking kava throw back your drink in one giant chug.


Should you drink kava slow or fast? The answer depends on you. If you are a first-time kava drinker then fast is probably the best choice. However, the traditional way of drinking kava is to take your time and enjoy the drink with the local community.

As always drink the kava responsibly and respectfully. For many cultures around the Pacific, this root is a sacred part of their family and tradition. We love people experiencing and enjoying our culture but kava should be respected and enjoyed in groups where you guys can socialize.

Kava-Bula is the home of kava. The team here loves talking kava with people and we aim to provide the best kava information on the web. As always enjoy your local community and love each other, bula!


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