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It is rare to see kava that is green, so what is it exactly? Green Kava is essentially the freshest kind of kava you could drink. Think of it as kava in its raw form. It is rare to find green kava here in the United States because kava is grown and imported from South Pacific.

One can ask, is it as good or better in comparison to regular kava? Well, it really depends on personal preference. Although, let’s take a look at 3 different reasons why I think it is better. Green kava is fresh, has a stronger potency, and is more flavorful. These qualities make green kava distinct and an experience all on its own.

The team here at Kava-Bula loves any opportunity to try and research anything that revolves around kava. So we had a great opportunity to try green kava from its very birthplace, in the Western Pacific Ocean, Vanuatu. We found that it was a delightfully unique experience that we highly recommend for any kava enthusiast.

Trying something new is always a great experience, especially when it comes to kava. So, let’s go further in depth about green kava and look at reasons how it compares to regular kava.

Reason #1: Green Kava is Fresh

Ever wonder where Kava comes from? Well, it is actually native, grown, and harvested in Indonesia. After the root has been harvested, it is dried so that it can be shipped overseas. Drying the root ensures that it won’t rot during transit. The dried root is then ground into a powder so it can be strained through the water.

How green kava differs is that after the root has been harvested, it is washed and then ground into pulp and massaged in water. This process extracts all of the fresh juices and nutrients. Since the extraction is done without the root being dried out and all of the fresh nutrients are still present, a stronger kava is produced.

Even though green kava is intended to be made from fresh root, you will find it advertised for sale online. If you can’t make it to Indonesia, or even Hawaii to try some you have the option to order some. How they are able to do this by sending the fresh kava frozen.

This is a great option, and from my personal experience, is a great way to try some without having to travel to the South Pacific. Although it is not exactly as fresh as if it were made right in front of you, it still embodies the qualities and effects that green kava has to offer.

I would use the comparison of green kava to brown kava like the difference between fresh orange juice and tang. Fresher is simply better. One would notice this in both flavor and effect. With that being said, let’s move on to our next reason for comparison.

Reason #2: Green Kava Has Stonger Potency

Since green kava is processed right after it is harvested, it tends to yield a stronger potency. This is because many of the nutrients that are extracted are still active. Essentially some of the active compounds haven’t been destroyed since it hasn’t been dried out.

This is similar to any vegetable or fruit that has been air-dried. Certain qualities are lost as the plant dies, as do some of its nutrients. With kava, it would be its potency. Since green kava is made fresh it tends to yield stronger effects than brown kava. You will really notice how it gives a different experience since it is stronger.

I personally love all things to be fresh, especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables. So I can attest that my experience drinking green kava was exceptional. I honestly prefer it over regular kava. It definitely hit me differently. My experience felt as though there was more pep to my step.

It is easy to see why native Indonesians will prefer it over regular kava. The reason is because of its freshness as well as its added potency. Oh, but let’s also not forget our last reason why green kava differs from its regular counterpart.

Reason #3: Green Kava Is More Flavorful

Anything that is made with fresh ingredients will be much more flavorful. Quality can be found very relevant when it comes to just about anything you consume that is naturally grown. This goes for kava as well. Since green kava is made in a fresh manner, it tends to be more flavorful.

The flavor can be described as brighter, earthier, and even fruitier. The flavor is a huge variable to an overall kava experience. I can say, not everyone will find it to be as enjoyable, or even better. You have to remember that kava generally doesn’t really taste that good for most people.

I would say that green kava is for a seasoned drinker that already enjoys drinking it in its pure form. If you are one to mix things into your kava to offset the taste then perhaps this might not be that great of an experience for you.

It’s always an option to add flavoring or some kind of creamer for taste, just remember never to mix kava and alcohol. As I like to say different strokes for different folks. The flavor notes of kava can contrast depending on what type you choose to drink, and how you enjoy drinking it.

Drinking kava is an experience, right? So do as you wish. So if you are into trying new kava experiences, I highly recommend you try green kava.


So there you have it. Three reasons to compare how green kava differs from regular kava. As we look on how it’s made freshly, the difference in potency, and how different it tastes. You now have an idea of what the differences are.

The team here at Kava-Bula encourages anyone that enjoys kava to explore new territories in the kava world. So if you have the opportunity to try green kava, go for it! You will definitely find what you just read pretty relevant to your experience.

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Until next time my friends. Live well and drink well. Bula!


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