3 Reasons Mormons Can Drink Kava?

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What do the state of Utah, polygamous marriages, and inbreeding all have in common? They all correlate to Mormonism. All religions have their limitations on what they can and can’t do. So one question comes to mind: Can Mormons drink kava? Although Mormons do have some restrictions to the secular world, the good news is that Mormons can drink kava.

Mormonism is a sect of Christianity that originated here in the good ole United States of America. It was back in the 1820s when a self-proclaimed prophet Joseph Smith encountered revelations with God. So one question comes to mind. Why would Mormons be interested in Kava? Since they are restricted from drinking alcohol, kava is a great alternative.

Depending on which ideology of Mormonism one follows will determine what kind of limitations and restrictions one would have. Finding alternatives for Mormons would be liberating in a sense. This is especially true for orthodox Mormons. Some of them actually live completely segregated lives from the secular world.

Religion aids as a belief system, law, and spiritual direction for people all around the world. We here at Kava-Bula have all done some research on the subject. That is why we thought it would be interesting to take a look at one religion in particular that originated in the United States.

Mormons are restricted to stimulants such as coffee, tea, and alcohol. Kava on the other hand is actually allowed. Since there are no rules against it here are three reasons why it is allowed. Kava is not a harmful substance, does not have mind-altering effects, and has positive benefits for the human mind.

Let’s take a closer look at why Mormons aren’t restricted from drinking kava and how it can be a great alternative to other substances.

Reason #1: Kava is Not a Harmful Substance

According to Mormon ideology, the Word of Wisdom states that God commands Mormons to abstain from harmful substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs. This also includes hot drinks such as tea and coffee because of their caffeine content. According to their doctrine, they were deemed as substances that weren’t good for people.

These rules came into effect back in 1883. Makes me wonder how bad the coffee must have been to be deemed as a harmful substance. What about the tea? Maybe it was causing people to act “out of line” seeing how caffeine is a stimulant. Religion can be viewed as a means of law and order so one could conclude that perhaps these stimulants conflicted with controlling people of the Mormon congregation.

Kava really aids in relaxation, focus, and concentration. These are all positive aspects of drinking kava and are in no way harmful, so it would make sense that the Mormon Church allows it. In places like Fiji, villages will actually use kava to settle arguments among the villagers because of the relaxing effects it has.

It has been said that the Church of Later Day Saints (LDS) in Hawaii actually has embraced kava. This is allowed because kava is a custom Polynesian tradition that has been adopted by the church of Later Day Saints. This is not common for all congregations but is relevant to Hawaii because of their deep-rooted ancestry with kava. Hawaiians are keeping it real with the kava roots regardless if they are a part of the LDS.

Reason #2: Kava is not Mind Altering

Substances that are mind-altering are strictly forbidden in the Mormon religion. However, one could speculate whether the profit Joeseph Smith was on some kind of mind-altering substance when God had spoken to him in the desert. Although kava is not mind-altering, it does has the ability to make you relaxed.

Kavalactones are one of the major properties of kava root that gives you that feeling of relaxation. The substance is actually found to improve cognitive function and help with focus. Kava can actually help alleviate one’s anxiety and can act as an aid for those day-to-day anxiety triggers.

Most Mormons live pretty conservative lifestyles. Being allowed to drink kava only serves as relief in one aspect especially if they are out doing missionary work. If you have ever seen people riding around on bikes going door to door in neighborhoods wearing a shirt and tie, chances are that they are Mormons. This is what is referred to as “Proselytizing”. This kind of missionary work is a fundamental component of Mormonism.

I’m sure going door-to-door is absolutely tedious and definitely calls for some kind of end-of-the-day relief. The good news for the missionaries is that they can have some kava to unwind. They could even partake in some kava prior to their missionary work. No better way to convince people to join a religion than by being on that friendly kava vibe.

Reason #3: Has Positive Benefits for the Mind

As I mentioned before, kava has positive attributes that aid in improving cognitive function. In other words, it can really help you focus. Kava can serve as a means to really aid in helping Mormons embrace moments of divine spiritual intervention. This can be described as communicating with God.

Imagine how in tune you could be as a Mormon really being able to focus on the word of God during a sermon. Or being able to really focus on prayer or spirituality. Kava is actually used in ceremonies for Polynesians. It really connects people to the essence of nature. This can translate to a stronger connection with God for Mormons.

One of my best friends actually converted to Mormonism back in his early 20s. I had asked him about his thoughts on kava and he stated it was a great alternative for both him and his wife. He works as a computer engineer and his job can be pretty stressful at times so having some kava after a day of work for him serves as a great way to really wind down, especially since he has 5 kids.


There you have it. Despite the restriction Mormons have, it is relieving for them to know that kava is allowed since it is not harmful, non-mind altering, and has positive benefits for those who drink it. I cannot speak for all churches of the Later Day Saints whether they are allowed to drink kava or not.

Some bishops will follow different doctrines or ideologies regarding what they can and can’t do. If you are Mormon hopefully your bishop or higher-ups allow you to partake in kava. It would only make sense to simply because of its benefits.

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