Kava Dreams: Why Some People Might Experience Vivid Dreams

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One of the best things about drinking kava is the feeling of relaxation and happiness that comes along with the drink. However, among our customers we have heard that some people even experience vivid dreams after a kava drinking session.

Yes, drinking kava can cause people to experience vivid dreams. This is often caused by kava causing a person to be extremely relaxed. If you go to bed during this time period you might experience kava dreams or a form of extremely vivid dreams.

The team here at Kava-Bula experience kava differently. I personally have never had vivid dreams after drinking kava but some of our kavatenders claim that kava will cause them to have weird dreams. Here is an entire article on all the data we have collected explaining this phenomenon.

Let’s jump right in ya; here is everything you need to be aware of regarding kava dreams.

Why Kava Can Cause People to Vivid Dream

One of the main reasons why kava can cause people to experience vivid dreams is because of the fact that kava causes you to relax.

Studies have shown that when you are relaxed more than usual you typically dream more vivid dreams. When you drink kava you will become extremely relaxed and this is can lead to vivid dreams.

When we serve kava late at night we often encourage people to keep a dream journal next to their bed. That way right when they wake up they can write down what they dreamed about the night before.

Some of the team members here drink lots of kava and experience crazy dreams. I have never personally experienced this but several of our guests have also reported to have vivid dreams after drinking kava.

As such one of the effects of kava is that you might experience some vivid dreams if you drink it shortly before bed.

When Should You Drink Kava To Experience Vivid Dreams

This depends on you and your individual body. However, I would encourage somebody to drink at least 2 shells shortly before bed if they want to experience vivid dreams.

Some of our customers purposely come in to grab a shell or two before they go to bed. This makes sense if they are trying to experience some kava dreams.

This is not a modern phenomenon. For centuries people have been using kava to communicate with the spirits of their ancestors here in the islands. I am sure that vivid dreaming had something to do with this and helps to explain the place of kava within our current society as a traditional beverage.

However, the usage of kava to experience dreams is an interesting concept. Not many people have looked into it but the team here at Kava-Bula can tell you that the effect exists.

If you are looking to use kava for vivid dreams then you should consider drinking kava about 20 minutes before you go to bed. From our data, this appears to give people the best chance of experiencing the kava dreams.

Using Kava to Improve Sleep Quality

Can kava help people sleep better? We believe so and so do clinical studies.

In 2005 a study was published by the journal Psychopharmacology that outlined a study done with kava being administered to sleeping rats. The results of the study showed that kava significantly increased the quality of sleep the lab rats were getting. Kava increased the lab rats total time spent in REM; this means the rats got significantly better sleep.

This seems to mimic the results we get here at Kava-Bula when we drink kava. Several of our guests and team members have experienced some of the best sleep of their lives after drinking a shell of kava. So for we have not seen any recent studies done on this; if you know of any shoot us an email.

However, it appears that kava is great for improving the quality of someone’s sleep. This is just one of the great benefits of drinking kava! it is up to you however if you want to drink kava bed so that it is a sleep aid. I do but it is not for everyone ya know.


Using kava as a sleep aid appears to be a great way to experience some vivid dreams. Not only do some clinical studies demonstrate the effect of kava on sleep but also from our in-house studies we have seen kava dramatically improve the quality of our sleep here at Kava-Bula.

Remember kava is a traditional drink that is designed to unite the local community and be shared. That is why when we drink kava we always say ‘Bula.’ This translates to wishing your local community happiness and good health. So Bula to you!


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