Using Milk in Kava: 3 Tips for Mixing Kava With Milk

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Here is something that many people do not know; you can add milk to your next batch of kava to make it extremely strong. Milk and kava are a great combination so long as you do it properly and use the right type of milk. Here are 3 tips for mixing kava and milk.

Adding kava to milk is going to give you a much stronger beverage, here are 3 tips for doing this properly. First, make sure the milk you use has a high-fat content. Second, only add a tiny bit of milk to a jug of kava. Third, after adding the milk let the kava sit for about 30 minutes before drinking.

Milk and kava are a great combination. The team here at Kava-Bula will add milk to their kava on a hot day as a way of making the drink go down easier. On top of this, you can flavor the kava much better when it is combined with milk.

Let’s jump right in ya; here are the 3 tips for mixing kava with milk.

Tip 1: Make Sure the Milk You Use Has a High-Fat Content

The first tip for mixing milk and kava is to use high-fat content milk. The reason behind this is that it is the fat content of the milk which makes the kava stronger.

There is no sense in using low-fat milk when mixing kava. We are trying to make the kava stronger not flavor it with milk ya know. The fat in the milk will actually draw more of the kavalactones out of the kava powder; this is what makes the kava stronger.

When we mix kava and milk here on the islands we will normally use whole milk. This gives us a very fatty milk and ends up making the kava drink significantly stronger. However, the milk should be added slowly and stirred while adding it.

This is the idea behind why we add milk to kava. We want the kava to actually bind with the fat in the milk and start to make the kava stronger. To do this we have to use high-fat milk content.

Tip 2: Add Only a Small Amount of Milk to Each Jug of Kava

You don’t need to add a whole lot of milk to each jug of kava. In this case a little bit will go a long way in making your kava more potent.

I normally add one cup of kava for every 3 cups of kava water. This ratio normally gives the maximum amount of kava potency while also preserving the kava flavor. This method works best. If you can keep this ratio during your kava brewing session then chances are you will experience a significantly more powerful kava drink.

Here on the islands we will often throw whole milk into our kava and then add different flavors. The fat in the milk also binds extremely well with additives such as apples, bananas, and even oranges! As such you can make a strong kava drink while also making it taste amazing at the same time.

Make sure you don’t add too much milk. If you put too much in then the kava drink will turn into a mess as the kava powder and milk mix together. This makes straining the kava extremely difficult and as such should be avoided. You only need a tiny bit of milk.

Tip 3: After Adding the Milk Let the Kava Sit For 30 Minutes

Here is an old secret trick of the trade; after you mix your kava and milk let it sit for around 30 minutes.

During this sitting time the milk will work its wonders and make the kava very strong. You should be refrigerating your kava/milk mixture in a cold spot at around 40 degrees Fahrenheit during this time as well. Here at Kava-Bula we often will store our kava in giant 5-gallon jugs in a refrigerator while we wait for the milk to extract the kava more efficiently. Remember to let your kava/milk mixture sit.

If done properly then when you take the kavamilk out of the refrigerator you will notice a sweet taste instead of a bitter one in the kava. This is the sign that you have done everything properly and is your reward for a job well done!

The secret is letting the milk sit in the kava. From our in-house studies we have concluded that 30 minutes in the refrigerator is the perfect time to let your kava/milk mixture sit. This makes the drink super strong.


That’s about it when it comes to the 3 tips for mixing kava with milk. Not many people know that milk or really any other fatty liquid will significantly increase the kava’s potency.

So long as you stick with these 3 tips then your kava milk mixture will come out perfect. Here at Kava-Bula we will often mix milk and kava together to not only increase the kava’s potency but also give another base for flavor additives to cling to when we add in several different kava flavors. It really is a treat and you should try it out!

As always remember that kava is a traditional drink that is designed to unite the local community. That’s why when we drink kava we always say ‘bula!’ This word roughly translates to wishing your local community and those around you good health and fortune. So bula to you!


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