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One of the most common questions we get asked here at Kava-Bula is just who exactly drinks kava? Well, it’s a wide demographic but generally speaking, there are 3 types of stereotypical kava drinkers that most people fall into. Kava is growing at an astronomical rate and according to Vanatua kava farmers their crop is flying off the shelf at an alarming 40% growth year over year. This increase in kava is directly leading to people falling into these 3 groups of kava drinkers

Want to know which groups of the population enjoy kava on the regular? 3 groups in particular are sipping the grog and they are: The relaxed sober, health conscious, and social people. These 3 groups of people are flocking to Kava bars across the United States for kava’s relaxing atmosphere, social activities, and healthy euphoric feeling. Let’s explore the groups and journey together as you discover why these people love kava and why.

The team here at Kava-Bula love bringing you the best and latest information on Kava. From medical lab reports to the latest rumors in kava tech, we are proud to work directly with kava cultivators across the Pacific. Doing this allows us to bring the most accurate kava information directly to you! If you enjoyed the information then share it around the web with other kava lovers. Bula!

1st Type of Kava Drinker: Sober People Drink Kava to Socialize Without Partaking in Alcohol

Drinking kava has become a popular choice within the sober community in recent years. Kava is a safe alternative to alcohol for many people and does not come with any of the addictive side effects. Most social establishments serve alcohol, so the sober folks find another spot to chill. We at Kava-Bula want your company! Enjoy our drinks and spend your pastime with other teetotaling individuals. Take it easy and put your feet up as we relax to good music and fun vibes that are a common theme within our establishments. Recreation abounds in kava bars with activities that meet the needs and wants of our sober patrons.

Healthy people look for natural beverages that can heal and aid in a healthy lifestyle while providing relief for daily stress. Besides being healthy these people prefer establishments that do not serve alcoholic beverages and offer healthier alternatives that allow them to relax and socialize. Here’s what we’ve learned from these types of people that choose kava as a way to either get away from alcohol or to substatute for high sugar drinks.

Social anxiety and insomnia are life burdens for a lot of people. A huge percentage of the general population fall into this category who once used alcohol to ease uncomfortable symptoms. This Polynesian beverage enhances senses and brings euphoric comfort to those who suffer from anxiety or other social problems. Kava calms the mind so you can relax.

Kava is an earthy beverage that tastes delicious any time of day; some kava establishments offer late hours to appease the late-night party owls and those stopping by for a cool drink to relieve insomnia, or if you want to relax here or grab a kava to go, we have it for you! Further, if you are a morning person kava also helps in starting the day off just right!

2nd Type of Kava Drinker: People Who Drink Kava for Its Exotic Natural Healthy Properties

Maintaining a healthy body means only sticking to natural stuff, for some health-conscious people this means that kava is the go-to drink. This Polynesian root is extracted from the Piper methysticum plant, a relative of the pepper plant you have on your kitchen table at home. Kava relaxes the central nervous system which reduces and eliminates stress and anxiety. Cortisol is that bothersome stress chemical that throws off the balance of our metabolism and has been known to cause weight gain and retain water in the body.

Kava is a diuretic which flushes out the body. Just like coffee, kava is almost a cleansing element that can easily purge your body of excess water weight. Remember however, that since it does dehydrate you that you will need to drink water with every shell of kava. Here at Kava-Bula we always make sure to give our newbies a glass of water with every shell. This makes sure everybody is good to go and enjoy their newfound kava love.

Kava has been known to relax the body in more ways than one. Some of these drinkers use Kava to reduce depression, anxiety and PTSD. Having a relaxed mind and body is comforting, especially in a social setting with like-minded patrons. From our own observations, people with self-proclaimed ADHD are especially drawn to Kava, as it relaxes and sharpens the mind, and helps bring focus and mental clarity.

3rd Type of Kava Drinker: Friendly People Enjoy Kava for the Social Aspects of the Drink

Throughout the centuries, Polynesian cultures have served Kava in ceremonial rituals as a way to bring agreement and comradery within the community. If you traveled back in time on the islands you would find vats of Kava crafted by hand and made to pay respect to a tribal leader or celebrate a major life event of someone in the village. This social aspect of kava has not been lost and just now people across the world are starting to figure out just how social kava drinking is.

Today, groups of social people continue this ancient tradition just a few blocks away at their local Kava bar. This outgoing group meets up for relaxing conversation games and special nightly events. After work, these folks meet up and drink to unwind and let go of the stress of the day. It’s hard to compare the modern kava ritual to anything else. We have seen regulars throughout the year and they have become part of our family. We often share weddings, birthdays, and even trips across the world together. Just show up at your local kava bar, and you will have an amazing time.

Here at Kava-Bula, we have the right atmosphere, delicious kava concoctions, and great music. Watch the sports games and cheer on your favorite teams while sipping the kava with your friends! This is the whole point of kava, to bring the local community together to talk and discuss life events.

Tempting these groups with a good time will resonate across personality types. Kava is a win for those who desire companionship and want a healthy alternative to alcohol as they calmly socialize. Extroverts and introverts intertwine with each “Bula” which is our Polynesian toast or “cheers” to you mainlanders. With each Bula we get to know those around us and slowly form a community of kava lovers.


There you have it. The 3 types of people who drink kava from our observations of bars around the western world.

No matter what group you fall into you will find that kava can be a home for you. When we explain kava to new people it’s not so much about the drink but rather the group of people you will drink it with. At the end of the day, kava is just a root that is ground up and made into a drink. It does not taste the best but the friends you meet along the way will stay with you for a lifetime and that makes the drink taste amazing.

The team here at Kava-Bula wants to always introduce new people to the wonderful world of kava. If you know anybody who loves kava then send them our way or share this article with them so that we can get everybody celebrating with us. Until next time, Bula!


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